Top eSports Betting Sites (2018) – Where is Best to Bet On?

Who would have thought that professional video gaming would be treated as a mainstream sport? Voted as an Olympic discipline with millions of dollars in cash prize around the world, eSports are taking the world by a storm. The pixelated carnage has struck home with people of all ages. They have an opportunity to pick their favourites from a slew of competitive titles. Bookies have pounced at the opportunity, too, and today we take a look at the top eSports betting sites in 2018.

Meanwhile, you have your sword-and-sorcery sagas and fast-paced combat simulators. You may be the commander of star fleets in panting, skill-intense interstellar clashes or rewrite football history with sports games. Esports have something to offer to the occasional gamer and aspiring professionals alike. If you fancy wagering on the outcome of those digital clashes, you are in luck, because the eSports betting industry in an upswing!

What are the Top 7 eSports Betting Sites of 2018-2019?

Bookmakers have been eager to make a splash in a booming industry, attracting millions of customers with plenty of disposable income. Today you may pick between the mainstream operators and the eSports-specific ones. Having a look at the best eSports betting sites in 2018, we can see a mix of both. Selecting our favourite, however, is a matter of consideration. We ought to pay attention to legislation, odds, available markets, and reliable banking facilities. For a wise punter, odds and value come uppermost, and that is why we suggest taking a look at own top picks.

 Betting SiteBonus infoVisit
1Arcane Bet100% match up to €100

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2esports betway€30 Free Bet

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3€27 in Free Bets

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4pinnacle bettingNo bonus. Read our review.Bet now
5100% match up to $200

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6Bonuses in VIP Rewards Club up to $350

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7ggbet logoNo bonus. Read our review.Bet now

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What is eSports Betting and How Does It Work?

Esports betting is, as the name suggests, wagering on the outcome of professional video gaming competitions. Even though the market is still relatively small compared to other, more established verticals, the segment is a promising one. Marketing researchers expect the number of actual punters to increase to 19.4 million by 2020.

Committing money to the outcome of an eSports game is no different than having to pick mainstream sports team in the NBA or UEFA Cup and back them. For the most part, you will need to go to a licensed bookmaker that accepts eSports bets and sign up there. After depositing a minimum amount of money in your account, you’ll be eligible to place bets.

Esports betting is primarily carried out online and that’s why we specifically foucs on the top eSports betting sites in 2018. Given the soaring popularity of the segment, we may see the emergence of land-based bookmakers before long. Meanwhile, the eSports industry in its entirety is slated to reach $905.6 million in 2018.

Is eSports Betting Legal?

The legality of eSports betting varies from country to country. However, regardless of local legislation, you can always place a wager and claim your money back legally. Complications may only occur if you are dabbling in a vertical that is avoided by bookmakers and game developers alike, such as skin gambling.

Beyond that, eSports betting enjoys the same legal status as of other mainstream sports. If you are in Europe or in the United Kingdom, then you have the rare chance of plonking down wagers without fear of legal repercussions. Conversely, things may get a bit fraught in the United States. Sports betting, and therefore eSports wagering, are not exactly couched in legal terms in the country. Not on a federal level at least. Despite the legal jumble, there is a handful of states that have their legal & licensed bookmakers.

Even if your country hasn’t got clear-cut rules on eSports gambling, rest assured that the top eSports betting sites in 2018 will always provide you with the opportunity to back your favourite team. The eSports-specific bookies have been particularly successful in building portals that reunite people from all across the globe to wager on events happening in multiple, completely distinct regions.

Most recently, the Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC) has been set. Like traditional watchdogs, the body is committed to uprooting match-fixing and tackling fraudulent eSports betting websites. It enjoys the large support of bookmakers and regulators alike.

What are the Most Popular eSports Games to Bet On?

The staple titles of eSports betting have expanded drastically. We can easily distinct a few genres first. Until recently, the most grossing titles were Dota 2 and League of Legends, when we talk sword-and-sorcery sagas, or as the technical term for them is – massive online battle arenas (MOBA). Adding to these two, there is Heroes of the Storm, the fifth-largest title in terms of committed tournament money. Dota 2 and League of Legends are the absolute staple titles of any bookmakers offer. They have plenty of traditional gambling markets (match winner, tournament winner, and so on), and specific ones (first blood, most kills, etc).

Exploring the Shooters

Beyond that, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a major shooter game, is another indelible product. The game has been around for ages, with competitions worth millions of dollars. It is featured at every bookmaker, big or small. In addition, the recent jump in the popularity of eSports has occasioned two particular titles to soar. Blizzard’s fantasy shooter Overwatch has been drawing attention. It’s definitely a title which will be featured by the bookies.

However, if there is one specific game that you need to keep your eyes peeled for, that is the battle royale Fortnite. Fortnite has not been officially called an eSports game. Still, competitions are becoming quite commonplace. With the recent developer’s investment worth $100 million it is quite likely to become a fully-blown betting product. We may see the top eSports betting sites in 2018 feature Fortnite as a major title, though.

The Future of eSpots Betting

What is to come next seems quite promising. The industry is an upswing. With eSports voted as a mainstream discipline and professional gamers receiving salaries, it’s likely that betting will become an indelible part of the entire phenomenon of eSports. This will create plenty of opportunities to profit. It will also necessitate the introduction of regulations and watchdogs to guarantee customer safety. Surely enough, though, you are well-poised to make a pretty penny out of something that is a great fun to spend your time.