Arcanebet Review & Bonus Code – 100% Bonus up to €150

Arcanebet provides you with a number of possible options to bolster your stater’s capital. We will examine each and every one of the current affairs, but first, we need to check out the trending one – the welcome bargain is a real treat! You are offered a quick 100% increase on your first deposit by using the bonus code TOP100, up to a maximum amount of €150.

Get your 100% bonus now

Blast! ArcaneBet must be one of the most-fetching eSports bookmakers presently on the market. Don’t let the name fool you, there’s nothing enigmatic about the website and anything, from picking a title to plonking own a solid tenner on a market, is a flawless, no-hassle process! The choice is ample, the pickings are rich, and you have a plump opportunity to turn a tidy profit! Intuitive and absolutely brilliant in terms of design and selection of available titles, ArcaneBet is the place to be. We will flesh out additional details and explain why we hold the bookmaker in such high esteem. Make no mistake, we have rigorously tested the portal ourselves.

Arcanebet Bonus Code 2020

The ArcaneBet bonus code is TOP100. When you register, you can get 100% bonus up to €150 for the esports section (T&Cs apply). You need to deposit minimum €5 to trigger the bonus.

Bonus Terms and Conditions

We quickly plunge down to the under-the-fold feature, which tells us a bit about the wagering provisos! Yes, remember those? They are the conditions that you need to fulfill to access your bonus money. They are not too harsh. You will need to punch in the special code displayed on the image – TOP100 – and that about settles it.

Well, almost. The wagering requirement entails additional clause. For your bonus money to become cashable, meaning that you will be able to withdraw it, you will need to be in accord with the other conditions:

  • Playthrough the full amount of the bonus within 60 days
  • Roll over the bonus amount 8 times, i.e. wager the bonus amount 8 times
  • Play at odds 1.6 or larger to qualify for the promotion

The rollover requirement which insists that you play through 8 times may sound a bit too much, it’s in fact not as difficult to play through. That’s why you might want to adjust your initial investment to better reflect what you can realistically expect to wager on the bookie over the next few months.

ArcaneBet eSports Betting Coverage

We enjoy flicking through the selection of games and identifying some of the eSports’ mainstays there! ArcaneBet offers a great strip of titles, both mainstream and a little offbeat. Nonetheless, all of the games you can select from providing you with just about what you need to carry out your eSports betting without concern.

Which Games to Bet on at ArcaneBet?

So far, we’ve outlined the diversity of the available offer at ArcaneBet. Now, though, we want to give you practical advice on which titles you should be betting yourself. There are many factors that come into play here, but one of the most popular one is – how big the market for the specific game is.

You’ll notice that games, such as Dota 2, CS:GO, LoL, and Overwatch to be the dominant games. Understandably, they are a good bet for at least three reasons:

  • They are fairly easy to understand, because of the massive amount of information available online
  • There are hundreds of available matches to bet on which means variety
  • With the most popular games, you can get a lot of reliable betting predictions

Of course, we believe ArcaneBet is popular for another reason as well. They often provide you with markets that you simply won’t find with other bookmakers. Fan of Rainbow Six Siege or Rocket League? It’s settled then, ArcaneBet should be your first choice of bookmaker.

Value Betting Odds by ArcaneBet

ArcaneBet has an outstanding selection of games. But better yet – the bookmaker offers you value. We’ve run the odds offered by ArcaneBet against other bookmakers, and we can reliably say that the odds here offer a slight betting edge to gamers.

This is understandable, as ArcaneBet seeks to position itself on the market by offering you odds that you will want to return to. This is especially true for most major competitions. The Dota 2 Chongqing Major prompted the bookmaker to introduce a special offer.

The Chongqing Major, though, is just one of many events to come, and you should definitely keep your eyes peeled for the next value-betting opportunity offered to you by ArcaneBet in 2020.

Skin Deposit

Skin depositing promised to be an exciting new opportunity for everyone. There have been some legal altercations over it and a number of the mainstream developers have been somewhat opposed. As a result, quite a few skin-betting initiatives have shut. ArcaneBet, however, offers a sort of skin betting, which allows you to convert your skins into currency However, the operator doesn’t touch the skins themselves, but use third-party service that are licensed to do that. You can use Skinpay and Skin wallet as depositing methods, and that’s just brilliant!

Now, just as a quick clarification, skin betting means that you stake not FIAT currency but skins Skins are in-game frills that offer no real impact on gameplay, in games such as Dota 2 and CS: GO, but they are a quick favourite with the community. There are depositing methods dedicated to skins, such as:

Minimum Deposit and Withdrawals

Nothing is simpler than getting deposits and withdrawal limits down with ArcaneBet. It does help to be a registered member as the drop-down menu is accessible. It shows important metrics, such as how quick you can move with your deposits, what the minimum deposit or withdrawal is and what methods there are. All of these are quite useful.

Withdrawal limits are a tad more tricky to access if you are only registering. You will need to verify your account first. There’s a number of verification options to choose from. Utility bills, bank statements, and identity cards will always help you out in a tight spot. Verification is part of ArcaneBet’s efforts to uproot underage gambling in accordance with its membership with the Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC).

Does ArcaneBet Accept Bitcoin?

ArcaneBet’s Bitcoin payment options is an example of the fact that ArcaneBet doesn’t mind beating the competition by adding exciting new ways of depositing. You’re already familiar with their skin betting arrangements. Well, you can get yourself upgrade by using Bitcoin – a currency that guarantees you several distinct perks, including:

  • Instantaneous transactions
  • Complete anonymity
  • Extra control & security over your money

You can deposit and withdraw as much Bitcoin as you wish, and the best part is that there are no cumbersome fees to detract from your satisfaction with the process. For other bookmakers accepting cryptocurrency check our Bitcoin betting sites list.

Customer Support

Customer support is quick. They are available around the clock and you may get hold of them via live chat just as easily as through placing a call. Now, e-mail may take longer, because this sort of communication requires more attention and formalities whereas the live options are way more personal and therefore arguably more efficient. Our quick word with customer support has been rewarding and we found out all we need to about the skin wagering feature.

ArcaneBet Contact Information

It’s easy to get hold of them. The live chat option is just as useful. Failing that you can always go with the listed phone number + 31 6 44 28 36 07 and

ArcaneBet Discord Rewards

ArcaneBet likes to keep strong ties with its community, so apart from joining the platform, you can always head over to their dedicated Discord. Customers can hop on the channel and participate in the Discord Rewards, which mixes giveaways, promotions and the opportunity to talk esports betting.

It’s also a way to be in direct communication with the bookmakers, knowing that the admins will be ready to assist you whatever your question. ArcaneBet Discord Rewards is not so much about freebies as it’s about building a good rapport with a trustworthy esports betting operator.

ArcaneBet’s Twitter Community

If you are a true denizen of the Internet, you will find ArcaneBet available on most major social media platforms. You can simply follow their page to make sure that you never miss an exclusive promotion or to catch the latest odds about an event. In any event, having one more channel of communication with the bookmaker can never hurt!


ArcaneBet offers an exceptional mix of valuable odds and one-off bonuses. The longer you stick with the bookmaker, the more dividends you will derive. From benefitting from the exceptional offers to diving into your favorite game and turning up a solid profit, there’re many great treats awaiting for you at ArcaneBet. If you’re looking to try other bookmakers, check our other recommended esports betting sites.

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