Top 10 Best Overwatch Betting Sites (2020)

Blizzard’s MOBA/FPS blend is one of the world’s quickest-growing competitive titles in eSports. Overwatch, the game that successfully merges the complexity of MOBAs with the panting break-neck game speed of FPSes, is waxing strong on the competitive scene. Bookmakers are responding by introducing plump offers for everyone to explore. How, though, to select the cream of Overwatch betting sites? We examine the best websites and useful gambling strategies of 2020 by a set of predetermined criteria.

 Betting SiteBonus info 
1esports betwayUp to €30 in Free Bets

Min deposit £10. 1x wagering at odds of 1.75 to unlock Free Bet
T&Cs Apply. +18. Betway esports review.

2Up to €100 in Bet Credits

Min deposit €/£5. Bet Credits available for use upon settlement of bets to value of qualifying deposit.
Min odds, bet and payment method exclusions apply. Returns exclude Bet Credits stake.
Time limits and T&Cs apply. 18+. Bet365 esports review.

3ggbet logo100% match up to €100 - use code TOP100

T&Cs Apply. +18. GG.BET review.

4Up to €100 in Free Bets

New customer offer. Place 5 x €/£10 or more bets to receive €/£20 in free bets.
Repeat up to 5 times to receive maximum €/£100 bonus. Min odds 1/2 (1.5). Exchange bets excluded.
T&Cs apply. +18.

5Bet €10 & Get €40 in Free Bets

T&Cs Apply. +18.

6Money back up to €25

New customers only. Min deposit of €1. Max bonus of €25.
Deposit method and withdrawal restrictions apply.
T&Cs apply. 18+.

7pinnacle bettingBest odds, lowest margins. Pinnacle esports review.Visit
8100% match up to €122

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9Arcane Bet100% match up to €150 - use code TOP100

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10100% match up to €105 - use code TOPMAX

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Best Overwatch Betting Sites of 2020 – Top 10

These are the top ten best Overwatch betting sites where you can bet on Overwatch League and other events in 2020:

  • Betway Esports
  • Bet365
  • GG.BET
  • Betfair
  • 888sport
  • Paddy Power
  • Pinnacle
  • 22Bet
  • Arcanebet

Betting on Overwatch Guide – How to Bet like a Pro

In the following guide, we have covered a slew of game-specific details that will help you understand the game better. It would make little difference whether you are an accustomed pro or a novice who is only now learning the ropes. Even the pros, however, may need a refresher, so we will do our best to cover those vital aspects of betting on Overwatch that we hold are instrumental to your success as a punter in the long term.

Before venturing in the more general, rough outline of what eSports betting on Overwatch boils down to, we want to pay attention to two inherently specific features to Overwatch alone. First, we touch upon the types of maps and then we examine the advantage that is conferred upon a home team in competitive play.

The Significance of the Four Map Types in Overwatch

Every map in Overwatch comes with a specific objective that needs to be fulfiled. Some battlegrounds will ask of you to attack the opponents while they are defending a point, others will throw you in a violent competition for establishing control over checkpoints, and a team will eventually have to escort an item back to a designated map area. All top-tier teams perform well across the four type of maps, and yet some of them tend to excel in certain scenarios.

  • Assault Maps – Suited for teams who are particularly good at defeating enemies in skirmishes. The object of the map will vary, but it generally boils down to having one team attack whereas the other defends.
  • Control Maps – A map that will certainly seem a perfect fit for coordinated squads that excel at establishing map control and defending swathes of the battleground without sacrificing performance.
  • Escort Maps – The bulk of the action occurs around the payload which needs to be transported to a specific point on the map. The transporting team is assaulted is continuously assaulted by the opposing team.
  • Hybrid Maps – Hybrid maps are a true test to the mettle of competitors. The battleground begins with an Assault-type of action and transitions into an escort situation.

Being apace with the competitive scene and where teams perform better and where they tend to fall behind is paramount to any future success you may have as a gambler. The best way to garner this knowledge is to begin following the favourites as listed by the bookies. Picking your own squad to infuse about is not all that bad, too. And now, let’s see if there are any advantages that home and away teams might have.

Home & Away Teams – Any Real Advantages?

It’s difficult to talk about home teams in the Overwatch League. Held at the Los Angeles arena, the only local team seems to be the LA Valiant and yet we tend to differentiate between home and away teams as per the official listing of the league. Blizzard introduced the differentiation so that broadcasts may be more spectator-friendly. In essence, the home team will appear on their team whereas the away team will appear in white.

Now, in theory, the home team must have a clear advantage. If you are defending first as the home team, then you know how much progress you ought to make when attacking later on and gauge the risk you need to take. However, the majority of Overwatch League teams tend to win when they take the away slot. In fact, the only two teams who have managed to win in the majority of their clashes whilst retaining the home team slot are the Los Angeles Gladiators and the Philadelphia Fusion.

Whereas every other competitive team tends to win overwhelmingly when in the away slot, the Los Angeles Gladiators and Philadelphia Fusion have won well over half their games playing the home team. The rest of all competitors, though, tend to fare less well in the home slot, as per a recent analysis shared by a Reddit user.

Ultimately, the question remains whether the home advantage is truly an advantage. We can think of two scenarios:

  • A very small per cent of all teams are significantly better at playing as the home team
  • The home team slot has inherent flaws with it that remain to be identified and appears to be a disadvantage

How Does Team Composition Influence the Outcome of a Game?

One of the most debated issues is whether the team composition has any bearing on the game. On paper, a team is comprised of four main classes, viz Offense, Defense, Support, and Tank. While individual skill normally has the final say in what transpires in a game, building your team well and setting up a strategy to adhere to, gives you purpose beyond the one foisted on you within the game.

With this in mind, there have been a number of team compositions that provide you with sufficient advantages on certain maps. Because Overwatch is a highly-paced game, compositions will inevitably fluctuate and teams will get back to the drawing table every time they suspect a strategy has been misfiring. How, though, should you appreciate the efforts of squads you have wagered on, and know that they are leading to a meaningful achievement?

First, we recommend that, for the purposes of any successful wager, you familiarise yourself with the basic compositions in the current meta (we will touch on the meta in a moment). So what are the comps that will help you calibrate your wagering a wee bit better?

The Standard 2-2-2 Build

The standard layout you will see with most teams when they probe the waters for the first time is 2-2-2, which stands for 2 tanks, 2 offensive toon, and 2 supports. The overall durability of this composition allows it to keep its foot in the game, and respond to imminent threats over a very short period of time and quickly rally back to their own banner. Reinhardt is usually the heart of this set-up.

If there are any downsides to this comp, it stems from the fact that it would be outlasted by a comp that features three tanks or you may end up sustaining heavy damage from a triple-DPS build.

The Triple Tank Deathball

The comp is particularly strong when you expect your team to stay close and push together. The escort maps will be a perfect fit for the deathball squad. You let Lucio use his healing aura and back the tanks up while Ana is dishing out Biotic Grenade while a Soldier and Roadhog pick off kills and move the payload safely up.

Whilst creating a safe harbour for your team, the three tank composition may get easily outgunned in the long-term, breaking your push quite easily and preventing you favourite to continue with their progress.

The Dive Squad

If your team is sporting a dive comp the chances are they are after quick kills. It’s a sort of a rush & cheese pick. The dive combination will usually employ the services of Winston, Tracer and Soldier, backed by Genji or D.Va and with the final say of Lucio and Zenyatta. What makes and breaks this playstyle is how likely Zenyatta is to successfully place Discord Orbs on enemy targets and how quickly Winston can follow up with a kill.

Now, this doesn’t exhaust the number of viable compositions out there, and you will need to learn the ropes & the metagame to be able to keep abreast with the rapid changes in Overwatch. Being a fan helps. Otherwise, bookmakers will be your chief source of information.

So, how important is the pick of your composition to the success of your team? Whilst statistically, it’s too early to say, we believe that you will need to wager based on the individual qualities and results of any given team with a given build. Bear in mind that more options are in fact viable, too.

The Metagame

The metagame is a common gaming term that you will need to learn. It basically indicates the current state of the game, and more specifically, what the best winning combinations are. Now, they will vary and as you may suspect, they will be prone to sudden bouts of changes. With every patch, theirs is a good chance that what you have known about the game may be a bit outdated. Pro teams are quick to cotton on, but it may be worth holding back on any immediate wagers until such a time that things have cleared up a little.

Overwatch Live Betting – Can We Bet in Real Time?

In-play or live betting is becoming an increasingly popular market. If you are pondering what this means, it’s simply a type of wager that you make as soon as the game kicks off. Overwatch is gaining traction, albeit it’s not commanding as many available in-play bets as the hardcore fans would like to see.

Still, inchoate as the market may be, there’s an opportunity to be seized. It may be a rather limited one for the time being, but you will still find your change edgewise to plonk down a well-considered wager on the outcome of live Overwatch game. In future, we may see some commonplace options among both endemic and non-endemic bookmakers. The most common feature we will all be looking forward to is the cash out feature when some bookies will allow you to pull out your money and bag a small profit.

It’s important to remember that odds will be changing constantly throughout a live game, and even more important still – bookies will know what happens ahead of the live stream, as all games are usually delayed with a few seconds. This is especially true when it comes down to the bookies own broadcasts, which is specified on the website as well.

Why Match Previews Matter?

Match previews are arguably the most reliable estimate when you are trying to pin down the likely outcome of an OW game. Because the number of the top-tier teams is fairly limited, most of the main contenders have played up against one another on a few occasions. This provides a reliable map to chart possible outcomes of most games or failing that, at least a long hard look at the immutable statistics.

However, you need not only to scratch the surface but dig much deeper. Focusing on the outcome of a victory in a certain matchup, i.e. LA Valiant versus LA Gladiators could be a bit of a simplistic way to look at it. In light of what we learnt about the type of maps and team compositions, you will have to see what comps had worked in the past and on what maps. A closer look will certainly allow you to put a firm foothold towards the successful forecast of a given game.

Most Popular Overwatch Events

In its relative nascence, Overwatch provides with not as numerous competitions as other established titles. However, given its relative youth, OW is well-poised to ride past the common benchmarks of the industry. The Overwatch League is one of the most ambitious experiments Blizzard, the creators, have undertaken, and it already seems to be bearing fruit. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the events that provide you with betting opportunities. For an updated overview of the top events, head over our eSports Calendar.

Overwatch League

The Overwatch League has been Blizzard’s most successful competitive entity that has put the limelight on the sustainable competition. The league kicked off back in 2017, featuring 12 teams, representing 12 cities from all across the globe, albeit the majority of the competitors hailed from the United States.

Each week packs four days of competitive plays with an overall of 3 games of the day, or 2 per week. A game usually takes one or two hours, which provides with a neat daily average of 24-hour OW action throughout any given week. As you may suspect, this creates a respectable number of opportunities you may lay a wager on.

Driven by viewership and continuously mounting participation, Overwatch is attracting more bookies who are adopting the game and listing possible punts on it.

Overwatch World Cup

The Overwatch World Cup has been styled in a true Blizzard fashion. The event pits whole nations and was the company’s original intention to popularise Overwatch as a competitive title later cottoning on the more established League format.

The event has a broad reach, adding 32 teams separated into groups with the final eight teams playing in a single-elimination playoff. The format may change from year to year, but this is the essence. The pow-wow commands over 5 million views.

Whilst there’s been some controversy in the past, the event is now trying to move past it. Most notably, in 2017 Chinese players were denied visas and there was a Twitch-conducted MVP voting as well as redrawing of playoff matches, which has put the integrity of the whole competition under heavy questioning.

Why Bet on Overwatch or Esports?

Overwatch may lack some of the popularity of Fornite. In fact, let’s rephrase this. Overwatch just lacks the reach, but the game is quickly taken up by lovers of shooters and strategy. As one of the most memorable titles ever to have been brought around, the FPS/MOBA has its own distinct signature style which puts it well ahead of the competition.

The OW market is fresh, though, and this allows early adopters to be a wee bit better at successfully guessing the outcome of games. Not only that but as the eSports betting industry grows, so will your opportunities to one-up bookmakers and fellow bettors/gamers alike. As soon as we see betting exchanges introduced in the world of eSports, our opportunities to notch up something extra out of our coherent understanding of the game will pay off.

If you still haven’t decided on whom to bet, you may want to take OW for a spin There’s plenty of brilliant options to pick from, not one of which will leave you unsatisfied. Learn the ropes and bet ahead with confidence.