CS:GO Starladder Berlin Major 2019 – Betting Odds & Favorites

It has been a silent few weeks on the CS:GO pro scene. No Tier 1 tournaments, no Leagues, nothing. Luckily, the Major in Berlin is just around the corner. We here at EsportsBettingTop will provide you with in-depth analysis of this tournament from a betting perspective. Stay tuned and read everything you need to know about StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 before placing any bets.

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CS:GO Starladder Berlin Major 2019 Tournament Winner Betting Odds

Odds for Tournament Winner as of September 8, 2019. For changing the odds format, go to the bookmaker page by clicking on the logo.

Who are the favourites to win Berlin Major 2019?

Liquid – The Best Team in The World

Despite the fact that Astralis triumphed at last 2 Majors, according to bookies, team Liquid is a favourite here. That actually makes sense. Liquid is in a great form, out of the last 5 events they participated in, Liquid won all of them. They are currently the best team in the whole world with an unbelievable form. Their current win streak is set at 22 with 82% win rate in the period of the last 3 months. However, this team is not unbeatable and they may still lose a match or two. It is not smart to bet on them because the odds are just too low. On top of that, Liquid never won a Major and good team form is not enough to win an event this big. Even if they win, you will not have enough profit for the risk you have to take, it is not worth it. There are some other teams that can triumph at this tournament too. We have to look for alternatives and find the perfect balance between the risk and the odds. Let’s look at those alternatives.

Astralis  – The Sleeping Giant

Like I already said, Astralis won last 2 Major tournaments and they are currently the most successful team on Major events in the last 5 years. If they win this tournament, they will be the first team to win 3 consecutive Majors and the team with most Major trophies in the history of CS:GO. If this is not enough to wake them up, I don’t know what is. Astralis still has the same roster, there are still 5 most successful CS:GO players in this team and we all know they can do the impossible. This can be their turning point or a total collapse of the team. In my personal opinion, Astralis has a better chance to win this tournament than Liquid. After all, this is Astralis we are talking about.

Natus Vincere – Major Hungry

This team has always been at the very top but they have never won a Major event. Will the dream come true at this very event? Let’s look at the facts. Na’Vi is the only team without a major trophy that managed to get into the grand finals more than once. In fact, Na’Vi played the grand finals of a Major tournament 3 times. Luck was not on their side and the lost every single time. Their current form is not so great but that does not matter on a Major event. From previous experience, we all saw that good form means nothing on an event like this. This team has experience and I believe they have what it takes to win here. There is a great chance that they will reach the finals again and it would be smart to place a low bet on it.

Team Vitality – New Team On The Scene

Vitality is a relatively new team. However, they managed to get to the 2nd place in no time. The crowd loves them and they can win against anyone. Truth to be told, the only team that is constantly stopping them is Team Liquid. However, Liquid is not invincible and Vitality showed us that at cs_summit 4.  After that, they faced Liquid in the grand finals of ESL One Cologne and lost. Liquid also knocked them out of IEM Chicago in the semi-finals. I believe this team had enough of Liquid and they are seeking revenge. Can they do it here? It is hard to predict that but the odds are good and it would not kill you if you try to bet on them. I personally will. The odds are good and the risk is not so big, I believe this is the perfect balance of the risk you should take and the odds you will get for taking it.

ENCE – One Season Wonder

This is the team that played in the grand finals of last Major event. Nobody even heard about them before the Major. Can they do it again? Will they qualify for the grand finals again? Who knows. They did it last time. This team managed to beat all the odds against them and it is actually possible that they will do it again. If you are one of those guys who likes crazy bets, this is the right bet for you. However, the possibility for them to do that is not great and I will rather skip this bet. 

There are some other honourable mentions like FaZe, NRG, mousesports and G2. Those 4 teams have a chance to make something here but their chances are too low to even speak about it. My suggestion is to avoid betting on all 4 teams. 

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