CS:GO Starladder Berlin Major 2019 – Betting Tips & Predictions

The Berlin StarLadder Major 2019 is almost here. This is one of the biggest CS:GO tournaments of the year and it is important to know how to bet on it. The tournament lasts for 17 days and you should be smart and patient, you can’t place bets on every single match. Stay tuned, read this article and find out How to bet on Berlin StarLadder Major 2019. We’ll also post our betting predictions once the event starts.

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Our latest Starladder Berlin Major 2019 Betting Tips & Predictions

How to Bet on CS:GO Berlin StarLadder Major 2019 – 3 Important Betting Tips

3. Don’t bet on your favourite team

Although it is more fun to watch a match and bet on it, I suggest you to avoid betting on your favourite team. There is no easy way to tell you this, but you will have to separate your emotions from your wallet. You can’t let your emotions cloud your judgment. Instead, sit tight and watch your favourite team without stress. If you must bet on it, try to bet on some specials instead. Bet on the number of rounds or something similar. Try to be objective no matter what. 

2. Avoid betting in the early stage

You should definitely avoid betting in The New Challengers Stage. A lot of surprises may happen in the early stages of the tournament. Do you remember ENCE on the last Major? Of course, you do. They did the impossible and they were complete underdogs. The same thing can happen again and some of the favourite teams may lose against total outsiders. Further, avoid betting on Bo1 matches, a few bad rounds may lead the team to economy break and they can lose 1 map easily. It it is Bo1 match, they can’t come back and your bet is lost. 

1. Find the Bookmakers with best Welcome Bonuses & Odds

Check our Top CS:GO Betting Sites and find the right Bookmaker for you. Don’t be one of those conservative guys who only bet on one site. There is always a better site that offers higher odds which may lead to greater profit in the long run. Sites want to attract costumers so they give a special welcome bonus too. Take advantage of that and try to place as many free bets as you can. Compare the odds, choose the site or even use more sites to maximize your profit. 

This is our basic guide on How to bet on Berlin StarLadder Major 2019. If you have any more questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us.

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