Astralis vs Liquid Betting Prediction – Berlin Major 2019

Although there were a lot of interesting matches so far, the most anticipated match on this Starladder Berlin Major 2019 is surely this one. The match between the current best team in the world, Liquid, and the team that was the best for the past 2 years, Astralis.  Stay tuned and read our in-depth prediction before playing any bets. 

Astralis vs Liquid Betting Analysis

This is a quarter-final match. There is no more room for any mistakes. The winner advances to the semi-finals while the loser is eliminated. Let’s try to analyze this match and make a reasonable bet based on that analysis. We need to analyze the current form of both teams, their overall gameplay, map pools and head to head duels.


It is not a secret that Astralis is out of form and they are struggling lately. This team is not what it used to be. Astralis had a lot of problems during this Major. After that embarrassing 2-0 loss against NRG their next opponent was CR4ZY. Astralis had to win that match in order to qualify for the playoffs stage. To be honest, CR4ZY provided a great resistance and they even won a map. The old Astralis would never let that happen against a Tier 2 team on an event like this. We all know that Astralis won last 2 Majors and they barely dropped any maps there. That old Astralis lost only 3 maps during the last 2 Major events. This shows us how dominant they were. This tournament is completely different. Their gameplay does not look so secure anymore and no one is afraid of them anymore.

Team Liquid came to this tournament with a winning streak of 23 victories in a row. Their form is better than ever. This is the biggest dominance one team had since the beginning of the pro-scene. They won Intel Grand Slam in only 3 months. It seemed impossible but they did it. They only thing this team need is a Major title. This is their chance to win it. They came so far and only 3 more victories are needed for the dream to come true.
A lot of people say that Liquid is the most complete team on the scene and it is true. They have everything one team need to have; dedicated AWP-er, secondary AWP that can step up when needed, great team leader, great rifflers and a lurker. They are playing so-called textbook CS:GO and it works. You know how they say, if it works, don’t change anything while it does. This team is doing exactly that. If there was a CS:GO encyclopedia, they would be the perfect example of how to play this game.

Map Pool

If we look at recent statistics, Liquid is better on every single map except for Train. Unfortunately for Astralis, Train is Liquid’s perma-ban so that map is out of the picture. They have 80%+ win rate on every map they play except for Dust2. This is the strongest map pool I have ever seen. For example, Astralises best map is Inferno and Liquid performs better on that map than Astralis do. This is a Bo3 match and map pool will have a great impact on this game. Liquid has the advantage and I believe Astralis can’t win more than 1 map. They can win their map of choice but the decider will certainly be in Liquid’s favour. 

Head to Head

Astralis is currently leading with 41-16 in head to head duels. However, those statics are outdated and we need to consider more recent ones. Those 2 teams played only one head to head match in the period of last 3 months. That match was a Bo3 and Liquid won it with 2-1 in maps. I don’t want to bother you with details but it is enough to say that Liquid won Inferno with 16-6. 

Astralis vs Liquid Betting Prediction

Betting Tip: Liquid to win outright
Odds: 1.80
Bookmaker: GG.BET

astralis vs liquid betting prediction berlin major 2019

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