Astralis vs NIP Betting Tips & Predictions (ECS Season 7 Finals)

ECS Season 7 Finals started with a few surprises. Astralis lost to FURIA and MIBR dropped 14-3 and lost the match against North. Ninjas in Pyjamas also lost against NRG, however, the loss of NiP was expected. The most interesting tomorrow’s match (June 7, 2019) is surely Astralis vs NIP. Read here our betting prediction for this match and see the best odds. 

To be honest, Astralis is not doing great lately. They won only 2 out of 5 last matches and their form is not so great. Despite Astralises bad form, their loss against FURIA was minimal (16-14) and that match could go either way. Those things can happen in Bo1 matches and there is nothing we can do about it.

This is a Bo3 match and I don’t believe Astralis will lose this one too. In order to return to the tournament, they should stop making mistakes and win this match with 2-0. That would probably be the case against NIP. Team NIP is also struggling, they won only 1 out of last 5 matches and that victory was against Tier 2 team TYLOO (36th on HLTV list). NiP is constantly losing with 2-0 against every Tier 1 team one match after another.

Head to Head duels:

Those 2 teams played 6 head to head matches in 2019.  Astralis won every single one of those matches dropping only a few rounds in a process. On top of that, NiP did not take a single map from them in 2019. If we look at those head to head duels, we can clearly see that no matter the form of both teams, Astralis always comes on top. 

Betting Prediction:

Tip: Astralis to win with a handicap
Odds: 1,85
Bookmaker: Betway

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Additional bets:

Both teams are known for slow gameplay on T side. They are waiting until the opponent runs out of utility so they can attack. That site takes are usually in the last 20-30 seconds of the round. There is a great chance that they won’t be able to plant the bomb and some rounds will be won by time running out. The second map will be more important for both teams so they will have to play safe and save more weapons. Saving on T side means that the CT side will win the round after the time runs out. One of those 2 scenarios has to happen at least once in order to win this bet. We believe it will and Betway gave good odds on this bet. Be careful and place this bet on the second map because there will surely be more saves when it is important. 

Tip: Map 2 – Rounds won by time running out – Over 0,5 
Odds: 1,50

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