Berlin Major Grand Final Prediction: AVANGAR vs Astralis

The CS:GO StarLadder Major 2019 in Berlin is almost over. No one expected those 2 teams at the finish line, but yet, here they are. AVANGAR will meet Astralis in the match that Astralis never lost before, the Grand Finals of the Major event. Stay tuned to this article and find out everything you need to know about this match. 

Berlin Major 2019 Grand Final Betting Analysis

AVANGAR vs Astralis Form:

AVANGAR is in a great form, they won 5 out of 5 last matches. This team managed to beat the odds against both Liquid and Vitality. Are they capable to do that one again against Astralis? Let’s find out. AVANGAR has a solid team with solid gameplay. However, only 1 player from this team is showing initiative and he keeps pulling them out of troubles. That player is a young Russian Dhami “Jame” Ali. From previous experience, we know that solo contribution of one player is not enough to win a Major. S1mple has been the best player in the world for so many years and he never did it. This event is too big to compare it with anything else. If we look at the playoffs bracket, AVANGAR was lucky.

They were seeded on an “easier” side with no Na’Vi, NRG or Liquid to stop them before the grand finals. All they had to do to come here is to win against Vitality and Renegades. We all know that Vitality is not in the greatest shape and they dropped too many matches on this tournament. I think there is no need to even mention Renegades considering that Astralis had to win against Liquid and NRG to get here. 

Team Astralis did a great job. They are the champions of last 2 Major events and only 1 match separates them to become the first team in the history in CS:GO that won 3 consecutive Majors ever. Astralis knows what is at stake. Their gameplay is improving as the tournament advances. This team is too experienced to lose a match like this. We saw that Astralis won at least 80% of the 1vs1 situations in the playoffs. In a match like this, every round counts. They are calm, this is not their first time and they came here to win. After those 2 victories against Liquid and NRG, it seems that no one can stop Astralis at this point. 

Map Pool:

When it comes to the map pool, it usually is a big thing in a Bo3 match. Astralis has a way better map pool that AVANGAR ever had. They are good on every single map. This team is unstoppable at Overpass, Vertigo and Inferno. The only map that AVANGAR is better at is Train. However, NRG was also better on Train and we all saw how that ended up. This is Astralis we are talking about and the map won’t make any difference. 

Head to Head:

Those 2 teams played only 2 head to head matches in 2019. Astralis won both of them with 16-14 and 16-13. If we look at the scores, it looks like those matches were really close and AVANGAR almost had them. It is important to mention that those were online matches and there is a great difference between LAN and Online match. Let’s just say that no one likes to play in a LAN match against Astralis. They are just too good. 

AVANGAR vs Astralis Betting Prediction

Team AVANGAR did a great job at this Major but their journey ends here. ENCE did the same thing on the last Major and the final match against Astralis did not end up well for them. The same thing will happen here. Average teams can have the best possible form and somehow make their way into the grand finals but they can’t defeat Astralis. The Danish team is just so good. They are all-in on every map and AVANGAR does not stand the slightest chance to even win a single map. I believe this match will end with a handicap victory for Astralis.

Betting Tip: Astralis to win with a handicap (-1,5)
Odds: 1.67
Bookmaker: GG.BET

avangar vs astralis berlin major 2019 grand final betting prediction

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