MIBR vs North Betting Tips & Predictions (ECS Season 7 Finals)

The great LAN Finals of ECS Season 7 is just around the corner. The first opening match we will cover is the one between MIBR and North from June 6, 2019. Stay tuned, read our betting prediction and find out where to bet on this match.

Betting analysis

Some CS:GO teams have their ups and downs. MIBR is surely one of those teams. Once, the mighty SK and now only a shadow of that unstoppable team. This year has been full of mixed results for MIBR.  No matter how good they play, in the end, they end up as a third-placed team in the tournament. Those mixed results were followed by an unstable form of this team. If we look at them now, we can see everything but unstable form. They are finally on the right track. MIBR has 8 consecutive victories. They managed to defeat Liquid in two Bo3 matches on ECS Season 7 North America. Furthermore, FalleN is back with 1,19 rating in the period of last 3 months. They are doing great, team chemistry is good and we strongly believe that MIBR will win this match without any doubt.

On the other side, there is a team North. They are struggling lately with a series of mixed results. North won 3 out of last 5 matches. It seems that they have problems against Tier 1 teams. The state of their current form is not great and it seems like they have some problems in the team. I would say that they are playing reckless, without discipline. Just the other day, they had 9-6 at half in both maps against Liquid. However, Liquid won both maps without any problem in the second half (16-11, 16-12). This team had everything under control and they dropped it, not once but twice. We can’t know what is happening, but one thing is for sure, North has no chance to win against MIBR in this state. 

Those 2 teams played 10 head to head matches, MIBR is currently in a lead with 6 victories. 

Map pool

In theory, team North has a better map pool with better win ration. However, it is not true in practice. North never played on Vertigo while MIBR won against Liquid on that map. So North will have to ban Vertigo. They will also have to ban Mirage because they won that map only 2 out of 11 times and Mirage is the best map of MIBR. The Brazilian team is equally strong on every map except for Dust2 which is also the best map of North, so MIBR will ban that map for sure. They will play at either Inferno or Nuke. MIBR is currently good on both maps and with that being said we can conclude that MIBR has a slight advantage in map picking too.

Betting Tip / Prediction: MIBR to win
Odds: 1,50
Bookmaker: Betway Esports

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