ESL Pro League: Astralis vs Liquid Betting Tips & Predictions

betting forecast astralis vs liquid esl pro league finals

Will the Danish team win the final game on home soil?

We have finally arrived at the Grand Finals of ESL Pro League Season 8 and thus our final betting forecast for this event! In this Best-of-Five series, we will take at who will win between the Danish Powerhouse of Astralis and the North American Superteam Liquid.

Both Astralis and Liquid have a rivalry unlike anything else in competitive Counter-Strike. Acting as equals and having respect for one another is what makes this rivalry great. However, what makes this rivalry questionable is how Astralis has won 78% of all previous matchups and with their current lineup has not lost a single Best-of-Three series to Liquid. Showing just how incredibly strong this Astralis line-up is.

Aside from previous encounters, the map pool favors Astralis heavily. Unfortunately for Liquid, Astralis is the favorite of every available map, with the lowest win rate of 73% on Overpass.

Astralis also has two other advantages over Liquid: they’re playing on home soil in Denmark and winning ESL Pro League will win them the Intel Grand Slam and a bonus 1 Million dollars in prize money.

Odds to Win ESL Pro League Season 8 Finals

For these reasons, picking Astralis to win will be in the best interest. Although, if the odds of 1.2 seem a little low, we recommend a wager on a -1.5 map handicap. Odds are closer to a 1.50 rate of return, and Liquid can take one map off Astralis at the least.

Betting tip / Prediction: Astralis (-1.5) Map Handicap
Odds: 1.50
Bookmaker: GG.BET

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Result: Bet won.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading along with us this event, and hope you join us again next time. Until then, check our CS:GO betting guide to find out the different type of bets, who are the best teams and what are the biggest events of the yeear.