ESL Pro League: Mousesports vs. Renegades Betting Tips & Predictions

Day four of the ESL Pro League Season 8 Finals is upon us. We’ve seen some great Counter-Strike from a variety of diverse teams. Headed into quarter-finals are eight well-rounded teams ready to fight for the top spot. In today’s tip, we will be taking a look at who will win between teams Mousesports and Renegades.

Mousesports has been inconsistent in their recent form. Continuing to lose games on errors and still recovering from the most recent roster changes. For those unaware, Styko, the support, was replaced by Polish superstar Snax, to then have Snax dropped from the starting line-up to re-add Styko. It’s been a wild ride, but Mousesports has held a top 10 ranking throughout it all. I believe Mousesports reclaim a top 5 spot in the world in a short time.

Renegades have also had some roster changes in recent times. Adding players Liazz from ORDER and Gratisfaction from Greyhound. Both of these players were the stars of their past teams and now join the number one team in Australia to help push the organization to the top. Renegades currently sit at rank 19 globally.

Renegades still have a lot to learn when it comes to top-tier teams. Mousesports know when it is time to step-up in events and the way they bodied Natus Vincere in yesterday’s match I feel they will have little trouble against the Renegades.

Betting tip / Prediction: Mousesports wins the match.
Odds: 1.36
Bookmaker: Rivalry

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Result: Bet won.