G2 vs Liquid Betting Prediction (ESL Season 9 Grand Final)

The last match of ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals is on schedule for June 23, 2019. The big grand finals everyone was waiting for will be played by G2 vs Liquid.

I guess it is a good thing this match will be played on Sunday. Unlike the rest of playoff matches, grand finals will be a Bo5 series which surely means a few hours of an intense fight between best 2 teams to decide who will take the grand prize of $250,000 and be one step closer to win Intel Grand Slam Season 2. Those 2 teams are G2 Esports and Team Liquid. Stay tuned and read our betting prediction for this match.

G2 Esports vs Team Liquid Betting Analysis

G2 is in great form lately. They won 4 out of 5 last matches. They went to the quarter-finals from the lower bracket, as a first placed team in their group. After winning against FaZe they had to face NRG in the semi-finals. G2 won that match too and they are now in the grand finals. The tournament is taking place in France and the home crowd can have a lot of impact on the team’s performance. Cloud9 showed us what impact home crowd can bring into the match, they played on another level and won major in Boston last year as a total outsider. Each match G2 played was close but they managed to win it at the end. If we look at their map pool, they have 2 perma-bans.

That is the main problem with this team, they are usually winning the maps of their choice and have problems on enemies picks. This team showed us absolutely sensational gameplay on their maps and I believe they will do that in the grand finals as well.  winning rounds with flanks. G2 will most probably win their maps of choice, they might lose the match but it will be a close match-up for sure.

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On the other side, team Liquid is also doing great. They won 5 out of 5 last matches and their form is at a good place right now. Despite winning most of their matches with 2-0, they had some problems along the way and they might drop a map or two against G2. Team Liquid will most probably win this match, after all, they are the best team in the world. Those 2 teams played 2 head to head matches this month and Liquid won both with ease and slight handicaps. However, I won’t underestimate G2 anymore, no one thought they will even get into the playoffs, and yet here they are, playing in the grand finals only one match away from the title. 

This is a Bo5 match, and the probability for one team to win 3-0 is close to none. The smartest bet you can place here is to bet on a number of maps, more than 3,5 to be exact. The odds are low but it is a safer bet than to bet on team Liquid to win. Whoever wins this match, it will be close and those who are brave enough can even try more than 4,5 maps. 

G2 vs Liquid Betting Prediction

Betting Tip / Prediction: More than 3,5 maps
Odds: 1.54
Bookmaker: Arcanebet

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