StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 Betting Prediction: MIBR vs NiP

The main qualifier for CS:GO StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 is over and the drama begins. The New Legends Stage will start with 8 opening matches. A match that caught our eye is MIBR vs NiP. Sit tight, enjoy and read this betting prediction before placing any bets.

MIBR vs NiP Form Analysis

The odds on both teams are similar and it looks like a close match. However, this match is everything but not a close match-up. After coldzera left, MIBR could find a replacement for this player.  Coldzera is one of the best players in the world and it will be hard, even for a professional CS:GO player to fit coldzera shoes in this team. They did not find a professional player and their team coach zews is now playing as a fifth player. Zews is far from a professional player, he is a 32 years old coach and that should be his position. That basically means that this team has 4 players who can actually do something in this match. The reason why coldzera left is MIBR’s bad performance. Their performance was bad even with cold in the team and it can be only worse now. I would suggest you to avoid betting on MIBR at any cost.

Team NiP is not doing so great either. They are an experienced team full of CS:GO veterans. Those veterans are known for their excellent performance under pressure. NiP was one of the underdogs on the last Major too, but yet, they were able to make it into the playoff stage. Further, NiP is the only team that has 5 Major finals and those records aren’t there by accident. They always perform well on Majors and I believe they will make it to the Champions Stage once again. The last match those 2 teams played was on BLAST Pro Series Sao Paulo and NiP won it. The only difference between then and now is that MIBR had coldzera then and they don’t have him now.

MIBR vs NiP Betting Prediction

I believe NiP will win this match without any problems. NiP knows that zews is the weakest link in the chain and MIBR can’t let him be alone on mid, so he will have to play on site. As soon as NiP realizes where is zews, they will attack that site for sure. If MIBR decides to let zews keep mid, NiP will take mid every single round and have full map control. From that point, they can go wherever they want. Our betting prediction here is to bet on NiP to win this match outright. 

Betting Tip: NiP to win outright
Odds: 1.85
Bookmaker: Betway

StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 Betting Prediction - MIBR vs NiP

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