StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 Prediction: ENCE vs Renegades

The CS:GO Starladder Major in Berlin came to the last phase. A lot of favourites are already out and only time will tell what will happen next. Let’s try to predict this match and make a reasonable bet based on the prediction. Stay tuned and read our complete analysis before placing any bets. 

ENCE vs Renegades Betting Analysis

First of all, this is a quarter-final Bo3 match and the map pool will have a great impact on this match. We need to analyze the previous form of both teams, their overall gameplay, map pools and head to head duels, so let’s begin. 


Team ENCE is in an incredible form. They did not drop a single map during the whole tournament. This team qualified directly to the New Legends Stage due to their results on the last Major. As we all know, they were the second-placed team on IEM Katowice 2019 after that loss in the Grand-Finals against Astralis. Everything indicates that we will watch the same Grand-Finals as we did on the last Major again, ENCE vs Astralis. If they win this match, their next opponent would probably be Vitality, and we all saw what ENCE did to them in their last match. ENCE started this Major with a double victory against AVANGAR and MIBR with -7,5 handicap in both matches. Their Bo3 decider match was against Vitality and ENCE won it 2-0 with a slight handicap in both maps. This team showed nothing but a passion to win. They are highly motivated and if they continue to perform like this, they could easily get to the Grand-Finals once again.

On the other side, team Renegades is struggling. They started this tournament with a double loss against NRG and AVANGAR. They had to win 3 consecutive Bo3 matches in order to stay in the tournament. Somehow, they did it. I won’t say they deserved it but they won. This team was lucky with timings and their enemies made a lot of unforced errors. For example, G2 had 4 force rounds in a row. On top of that, G2 did half-buy after they won a round. The main reason for that loss was their poor judgment and bad economy management. Renegades were not better against neither FaZe or G2. The gameplay of this team does not look secure. They don’t do anything special. A lot of teams underestimated them and that is the reason they lost. ENCE does not underestimate anyone, they don’t use brute force. ENCE is a team that always uses different strats, they tend to execute sites and trade every single kill. It will be hard for Renegades to defeat a team that does everything Renegades can’t fight against.

Map Pool

ENCE tends to avoid Dust2 and Vertigo. Luckily for them, Renegades has a 0% win rate on Dust2 in the last 3 months. Renegades avoid Nuke and Overpass and ENCE is good on both maps so Renegades will have to play at least one of them. On top of that, ENCE’s best map is Train while Renegades have 33% win rate on that map. Both teams perform similarly on Mirage and Inferno. Whatever happens, ENCE will have a great advantage because they can win 1 map without breaking a sweat. If we assume that ENCE’s permaban is Vertigo, Renegades are not better on any other map. It means that they will have only 50% chance to win on their map of choice. The third map, if it comes to that, will also go in favour of ENCE because of their strong map pool. 

Head to Head

Those 2 teams played a total of 7 head to head matches in 2019. Renegades are currently leading with 4-3 in victories. However, those victories were 7 months ago and ENCE won last 3 matches. With that being said, we can conclude that ENCE has an advantage in a head to head duels too because they won the more recent ones. 

ENCE vs Renegades Betting Prediction

Betting Tip: ENCE to win outright
Odds: 1.336
Bookmaker: Pinnacle

ence vs renegades prediction

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