Starladder Berlin Major Betting Prediction: FURIA vs HellRaisers

CS:GO StarLadder Major 2019 in Berlin is just around the corner and there are already some announced opening matches. Although this is the main qualifier and the matches are not so interesting yet, there is one match that stands out from the crowd. We here at Esports Betting Top picked the most interesting one, FURIA vs HellRaisers.

Stay tuned and read below our betting analysis and prediction for this match.

FURIA vs HellRaisers Betting Analysis

Although it seems like a close matchup with 2 big CSGO names, it isn’t. FURIA is in better form than HellRaisers and that is the fact. They won 4 out of last 5 matches while HellRaisers won only one. Further, FURIA came to this tournament after winning EMF World Invitational and they were the second-placed team on Americas Minor. They are doing great, their gameplay is both unpredictable and stable. FURIA is one of the most promising teams in this qualifier for sure.

On the other side, HellRaisers are struggling lately. They have problems against some average Tier 2 teams and they are losing one match after another. The only players that can do something in this team are oskar and ISSAA. If those 2 were not able to carry this team alone against previous tier 2 opponents, I don’t see how will they be able to carry them against FURIA.   

Map Pool

If we look at statistics from the last 3 months, FURIA is better on every single map except for Dust2. However, this is a Bo1 match and Dust2 is their perma-ban so they won’t play on that map for sure. It is hard to predict which map will they choose, but whatever they choose, FURIA has a great advantage. 

Furia vs HellRaisers Betting Tips & Prediction

I honestly don’t see a way for HellRaisers to win this match. They have a lot of problems inside the team and they need to deal with that first. Either a change of leadership or a new addition to the roster. FURIA is doing great and they are one of the favourite teams to qualify for the playoffs. If they continue to play as they did before, they should not have any problems winning this match. With that being said, we can conclude that HellRaisers in their current state can’t do much against FURIA for sure. I suggest a handicap bet on FURIA. Don’t aim for too high handicaps, -3,5 is enough and the odds are decent enough. Better safe than sorry. 

Betting Tip: FURIA to win with a handicap (-3,5)
Odds: 1.847 
Bookmaker: Pinnacle

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