StarSeries i-League Season 7 Betting Tips, Odds & Predictions

As we already know, StarLadder got the honour to host the next CS:GO Major in Berlin later this year. On top of that, they are hosting another $500,000 worth tournament, StarSeries i-League Season 7 – read our full preview of the tournament along with our betting tips and predictions.

Betting Predictions

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Betting Odds – Who is the favourite to win the tournament?

Betting Preview & Tips

When you want to place a bet, there is only one rule. You should aim for quality and not quantity. What does this mean? You should avoid betting on risky matches and betting on certain teams. You should definitely avoid betting on Panda and paiN. Those 2 are the worst teams on this tournament and most probably, they would lose against any Tier 1 opponent. Try to bet against them during the group stage.

It would be smart to avoid betting on MIBR, Fnatic, BIG and FaZe in the early stages too. MIBR is currently in a terrible situation with 5 consecutive defeats. Things are not so great for Fnatic either, they are constantly losing and the losing form can easily continue on this tournament. It can be tricky to bet on BIG too because of the recent roster change, XANTARES is having problems to find the common language with the German team. Although FaZe is in great shape, according to some speculations GuardiaN could not get a Visa on time so their coach Janko would be playing a first few matches until GuardiaN arrives. With that being said, we can conclude that the best thing you can do to save money is not to bet on these teams. Wait to see how the things will turn on and place a bet then.

The best StarSeries i-League betting prediction we can give you is to bet on Na’Vi and ENCE. Both teams are in great form. With Astralis out of the picture, Na’Vi is coming here as an absolute favourite. On the other side, team ENCE is one of the most dangerous teams on the scene right now. They were the second-placed team on the last Major and it seems that they can defeat even the best teams like Na’Vi.

Main information about the event

Start Date: 2019-03-30
End Date: 2019-04-07
Location: Shanghai
Venue: Baoshan Sports Center
Organizer: StarLadder, ImbaTV
Type: Offline, LAN
Number of teams: 16
Total prize pool: $500,000 USD

Format & Schedule

Organizers decided to return the famous Bo3  format in a group stage instead of previously used Bo1. This would bring more intense matches in the early stages of the tournament for sure.

Group Stage

The Group Stage would start at March 30th and it will last for 5 days.

Alongside with 13 invited teams, 3 more teams from closed qualifiers would join them in this stage, 16 teams in total. Despite the stage is called the group stage, teams are not divided into groups. All the 16 teams would be in one group with Swiss system format. After a series of 5 rounds of Bo3 matches, Top 8 teams would proceed to the Playoffs while the bottom 8 are eliminated.


The Playoffs stars on April 5th and it will last for 2 days.

Regular playoffs with single elimination bracket. All matches are Bo5 except for the Grand-Finals which is Bo5.

Where To Watch Live Streaming of the Games?

If you are wondering where to watch this tournament, don’t worry we got you covered. You can watch all the matches for free on the official StarLadder Twitch channel: