Vitality vs FURIA Betting Tips & Predictions (ECS Season 7 Finals)

Update: Vitality became the winning team of ECS Season 7 by dominating FURIA (score: 2-0). Head over to our CS:GO Predictions to follow our latest betting tips or check our esports calendar to see the remaining tournaments of the year.

Probably you were searching for some CS:GO betting predictions for Vitality vs FURIA, and we need to tell you that you come to the right place. We did some research and analysis of both teams in this match. Stay with us, and read our betting prediction for the finals of ECS Season 7 Finals.

Form Analysis


The French team had some plays that were a pleasure to watch. Vitality won 3 out of 5 last matches, where they were better two times against Complexity, and in the semi-finals against NRG. They started this tournament with a win against Complexity on BO1 match on Dust 2, with 16-9. After North defeated MIBR on overtime on Inferno (also BO1 match), the draw set Vitality against North. That was a BO3 match, where North won with 2-1, winning on Inferno and Dust 2, setting Vitality to play one more time against Complexity, just this time on BO3 match, where French team won with 2-0. This two victories against the same team (Complexity) brought them to the semi-finals against NRG. French prodigy ZywOo was in the mood in the semi-finals. He finished this match with +30 KD, with 1.72 ratings, and 109.8 ADR, and is one of the favorites for the MVP of the tournament.


FURIA won also 3 out of 5 last matches, but in these 3 victories, there are 2 against super mighty Astralis. Yes, you had read it well. They won in the opening match against Astralis on their strongest map, where they hold a 31-game win streak on Nuke. FURIA was down 14-9, and then they made 7 rounds streak and took the 16-14 victory on Nuke. After this amazing victory, they stumbled on Train and Nuke against NRG. After beating Astralis on Nuke, everyone expected that they win it and against NRG, but it did not happen. Once again the Brazilian team faced Astralis, and after the first map, things did not look so shine to FURIA. Astralis took Inferno, but there were Mirage and Nuke as a decider. After some troubles on T-side, FURIA played spectacular CT side and won on Mirage, and pushed this match on the third map. Two days in a row, they were facing against Astralis on Nuke, and two days in a row, they took the victory against Danes. Both teams played tremendously good CT side, but again, the Brazilian roster was better. This time, the score was 16-13.

Head to head

These teams played one time in the entire history, and this was a couple of days ago on quarter-final of DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019, where FURIA was better with 2-0 (Inferno and Nuke). Every single player of FURIA had the positive KD on this match, while on the other side, only ZywOo had +2 KD without any support of his teammates.

Map pool

We are not going to have an easy time predicting a correct map pool for Vitality vs FURIA betting prediction.

ECS ban format for Bo3 matches is simple. Each team ban 1 map, after that each team picks 1 map which is followed by 2 more bans and the leftover is the decider.

Maybe we should start with something that we all know. FURIA does not play Dust 2, and this is probably going to be their permaban map, while Vitality doesn’t play Vertigo and Train, but probably they will permaban Vertigo. The map picks could be something like this:

Vitality ban Vertigo
Furia ban Dust 2
Vitality pick Nuke
Furia pick Train
Vitality ban Mirage
Furia ban Inferno
Overpass is decider


Vitality is going to start the ban, and they will ban Vertigo because they don’t play it, and FURIA has 4 victories out of 4 matches on Vertigo, and this is their permaban. As we mentioned before, FURIA will start the ban with Dust 2 as it is their perma-ban and Vitality’s best map. Vitality picks Nuke because they feel comfortable on this map, and Furia will pick Train and also a map that Vitality doesn’t play. After that, Vitality will ban Mirage as their worst map, and Furia will ban Inferno. Overpass is a decider.

Both teams are equally good on several maps. Inferno, Nuke, Overpass, and shades will decide which one of the maps is going to be picked. For me, this is one of the most unpredictable map pools.

Betting odds

Vitality vs FURIA Betting prediction

Those 2 teams are in equal form, but there is one thing that could make an advantage, and this is map pool. Map pool is better for FURIA, and we are going with them in this match.

Tip: FURIA to win outright
Odds: 1.95
Bookmaker: Betway

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