Dota 2 Betting Tips & Predictions

Dota 2’s popularity just keeps on growing every year, and despite Valve’s attempt to try and curb the game’s relationship with gambling, the fact is, there’s a lot of demand for opportunities to bet on Dota 2 among the community, something that oddsmakers are very happy to oblige. But, betting on Dota 2 successfully isn’t easy. Even advanced players have difficulty getting an edge over bookmakers and walking away with profit, or at the very least, having just broken even.

Our latest Dota 2 Betting Predictions

Below, we’ll teach you all of the different types of bets on Dota 2 that you can place, as well as the things that you should consider to make bank when on your Dota 2 betting venture.

What Type of Dota 2 Bets Are There?

There are many different kinds of Dota 2 bets, mostly depending on your preferred bookmaker. But, in general, the bets offered by top dota 2 betting sites can be any one of the following.

Match winner – This is pretty self-explanatory. In this case, you’re betting on which team you think is going to win.

Total maps – Some oddsmakers put it just as “totals”, while others label it as “total maps played”, all mean the same. In this type of Dota 2 bet, you’re placing your money on how whether the series is going to go over 2.5 maps (in best-of-three games), 3.5 or 4.5 maps (in best-of-five games).

Map handicap – Otherwise known as “map spread” or “map advantage”, in this type of Dota 2 bet, you’re betting on the match spread. In a typical best-of-three Dota 2 match, the favourites are usually a -1.5 in maps, while the underdogs are a +1.5 in maps. This means that, for you to win while betting on the favourites, they need to win the match 2-0. If you’re betting on the underdogs, the team only needs to win just a single game for your bet to win. This can also be a +2.5 a or a +3.5 for the favourites or a -2.5 or -3.5 for the underdogs in a best-of-five series.

Proposition bets – These kinds of Dota 2 bets are a lot trickier and harder to predict. The lines are often listed as “first team to 10 kills”, or “which team will get first blood?”, or “who will destroy the most towers”, or “which team gets the first tower kill?”, or something similar. To win, the team you placed your bet on simply has to fulfill the proposed line.

Outrights – Usually available only prior to the start of the event, betting on the “Outright” results of a tournament means that you’re making a wager on which Dota 2 team you think is going to win the event.

Tips on How to Bet Smartly on Dota 2 Matches

The difference between making bank and losing money in Dota 2 betting is knowing who to bet on, and when.

Here are some tips to help you make money betting on Dota 2 matches:

How many maps/games will be played?

It’s no secret that the most money you’ll be making in Dota 2 betting is placing your money on underdogs. But, there’s a reason why such teams are referred to as underdogs; they just don’t win consistently and often enough.

Most of the time, underdogs aren’t worth betting. Unless, of course, it’s a best-of-one. A BO1 game is very unpredictable. The increased possibility of an underdog team getting away with a “cheese strategy” – drafting a lineup using heroes that are a near-sure win in the right situations or using a strategy that can be very effective but only when an opponent is caught unprepared – makes these kinds of bets worthwhile.

Make sure that you do your research extensively first, however.

Learn to be patient

You don’t always have to bet, and when you do bet, you don’t always have to win big.

There’s always an inherent risk when it comes to betting, but you can minimize that risk by sticking to what’s considered as “safe bets”. These are the type of bets placed mostly on the matchup favourites. The bet will not necessarily net you a large return, but it will at least give you back something.

Eventually, you can build up enough wins via your “safe bets” that you can try using some of your winnings to place bets on a more riskier matchup.

Never put all of your eggs inside one basket

It doesn’t matter how tempting the odds are, or how often an “underdog” team has won over a perceived favourite. You should never ever put all of your winnings on a particular matchup or bet. Otherwise, you’ll risk losing everything in one go.

At most, you should only bet 20% of your total funds available on one match. Any more, and the risks just aren’t worth it.

Don’t forget to do your research

The difference between a profitable Dota 2 bettor and someone who loses a lot is not necessarily their difference in perceived skill and understanding of the game, but more of the difference in how much research they put in.

Case in point, oddsmakers can put it so that underdogs have a less than 20% chance of winning a particular matchup, but, if you look at their previous matchup history against each other and the underdog team’s latest string of performances, you’ll probably see just how much more favoured the underdogs are against the favourites.

Read up online to find out more about which Dota 2 teams are worth betting on. You can also check out our predictions for specific tournaments to help give you an idea on which Dota 2 team you should place your money on at specific points of the tournament.

The “Transitive Property of Equality” doesn’t work on Dota 2 bets

When it comes to Dota 2 bettings, or betting in general, the famed “Transitive Property of Equality” doesn’t really work like that.

This means that, if, for example, Virtus.Pro beat Team Liquid and Team Liquid beat Team Secret, Virtus.Pro doesn’t necessarily have a better shot at beating Team Secret just because they beat Team Liquid.

That’s not how it works. Or, at least, it’s not the only factor.

Always do your research first regarding a Dota 2 team’s current performance and playstyle and never bet based on the transitive property, otherwise more commonly known as “chain logic”.

Learn when to stop and move on

To cut losses is an inevitability when it comes to Dota 2 betting. You’re never going to be winning all of the time. You’re going to lose at some point, and sometimes, one loss can lead to another and before you know it, you’ve already had a string of bad losses to deal with.

It is always quite tempting to try risking another bet just to see if your luck changes, or to try and chase your losses, but don’t.

A good rule of thumb is that if you’ve already lost more than twice, then it might be time to sit back and call it a day for now.

Now that you know how to bet on Dota 2 effectively, all that’s left is for you to practice what you had just learned.

Keep in mind, even with these tips, and any other Dota 2 betting tips that you can find online or wherever else, one thing that you always have to remember is that betting on Dota 2 is not a quick way to make profit.
To make profit from betting on Dota 2 takes a lot of time, effort, patience, and a smidge of luck and a whole lot of courage.

If you can’t put in all those things in your Dota 2 betting venture, then you certainly will not go very far.