DreamLeague Major 2019 – Schedule, Betting Tips, Odds & Predictions

Dota 2 fans rejoice, DreamLeague Season 11, otherwise known as the Stockholm Major 2019, is finally here. Nearly two months after Team Secret hoisted the trophy at the Chongqing Major, 16 Dota 2 teams will congregate once again for a shot at $1 million and 15,000 DPC points, 4,950 of which will go to the winners and essentially secure them a spot at The International 2019 in Shanghai on August later this year.

This time around, the action will go from Chongqing, China to across the pond over at the Annexet Arena in Sweden. Kicking off on March 14, the DreamLeague Season 11 Major will run for nearly 10 straight days, with the winners being announced on March 24.

Betting Picks & Predictions – Dreamleague Season 11

During the final days of the event we’re going to post betting analyzes and predictions for the most important games, so make sure you come back and check our updates:

Betting Odds – Favourites to Win Stockholm Major 2019

Here are the pre-event outright odds from our betting partners for the winner of the DreamLeague Major 2019 aka The Stockholm Major:

DreamLeague Season 11 – Stockholm Major Preview

Unsurprisingly enough, topping the latest betting odds for DreamLeague Major 2019 are Team Secret and Virtus.Pro.

These two Dota 2 teams have been nigh untouchable for most of the season. They’ve exchanged wins at the first two Majors, and have hoisted the trophy at the expense of the other each time. However, in terms of form, Team Secret are looking much scarier compared to their CIS rivals, and for good reason – Team Secret are headed into the DreamLeague Major with a 63-20 record (75.9%), which is the highest all time of any five-man lineup.

With 4 LAN titles to show for their record, we all know that Team Secret are not just taking advantage of inferior competition in the online qualifiers. But, even then, you can’t exactly say that they’re up against pushovers as Europe is widely considered as the most stacked region as of the moment.

At 3.50 odds to win, betting on Team Secret is a smart decision, albeit, one that probably won’t yield as much as placing your money on Team Liquid.

The International 2017 champions have admittedly not had a good start to the season. Whether it was mental fatigue or exhaustion or something else, they have not been in good form lately. It also hasn’t helped that player breaks and circumstances beyond their control have prevented them from showing up with their complete lineup in DPC tournaments. But, when they did show up, we saw a Team Liquid team that could be just as good as the likes of Team Secret and Virtus.Pro if not better.

In the two LAN tournaments that the complete five-man lineup of Team Liquid have appeared in this season, they have looked like the best Dota 2 team in the world, and have the trophies to show for it.

Amer ‘Miracle-’’ Al-Barkawi, in particular, have been absolutely bonkers lately, posting a 9.19 KDA at MDL Macau 2019, and are looking like every bit of the player that he is expected to be. Also, speaking of MDL Macau 2019, Team Liquid have the momentum on their side.

Team Liquid didn’t just win the tournament in China — they dominated their competition.

After going a modest 5-2 during the group stages of the event, Team Liquid was even better during the playoffs as they very nearly swept the entire thing, dropping only a single game, which was at the grand finals against Evil Geniuses.

With every bit of an incentive to win and zero reasons to not perform at their absolute best, the figurative and literal odds on Team Liquid are too good to turn down, which is why we have our money on Team Liquid to win the DreamLeague Major 2019.

Outright betting prediction: Team Liquid to win DreamLeague Major 2019
Odds: 7.30
Bookmaker: Arcanebet

See more odds @ Arcanebet

Betting Tips – Is It Worth it Betting on the Favourites?

Yes, and for good reason – the heavy favourites have been heads and shoulders above the rest of the competition so far. In particular, Virtus.Pro and Team Secret have had no problems securing their grand finals berths both times at the previous two Majors. Not a single Dota 2 team looked like they were ready to contend each time. Adding Team Liquid puts a bit of wrinkle to the chances of them meeting for a third grand finals in a row, but that’s also why we have our money on Team Liquid.

Of course, this isn’t to say that other Dota 2 teams have no chance. They’ve most likely been preparing for this event for weeks if not months. To say that they have no shot at winning it all would be doing a disservice to their efforts, but, again, what do they have to show for it?

The best teams in Dota 2 are the ones who have both individual skill and team chemistry, as well as a willingness to find ways to break and mold the meta according to their whim. That’s something all three of Team Secret, Virtus.Pro, and Team Liquid have done at various points this season.

No other team playing at the DreamLeague Major 2019 have done that, not even Evil Geniuses, who have placed third at the last two Majors.

While the odds-on underdogs are likely going to be off the charts for DreamLeague Major 2019, you’re better off risking your money on the favourites than taking a leap of faith and wishing for an underdog run.

Schedule & Format

There are only two stages to DreamLeague Major 2019: the double-elimination GSL-style group stage and the double-elimination playoffs.

The Group Stage (March 14 – March 15)

In the group stage, the sixteen participating teams will be divided into four groups composed of four teams each. They will play each other in a GSL-style double-elimination format in best-of-three matches, where the top two seeds will secure a bit of a cushion with an upper bracket playoffs spot. Meanwhile, the bottom seeds will be playing with their backs against the wall in the lower brackets.

No team will be eliminated during the group stage.

The Playoffs (March 16 – March 24)

Following the end of the group stage, the sixteen Dota 2 teams will be playing each other in a double-elimination playoff. All matches, except for the first round of the lower brackets (best-of-three) and the grand finals (best-of-five) will be a best-of-three.

The format is pretty straight forward.

In a double-elimination bracket, those in the upper brackets will essentially have two lives. If they lose, they will drop down to the lower brackets, where they will have another chance at continuing their run. Those in the lower brackets, however, will be playing with everything to lose as each matchup presents a chance for them to go home much earlier than they would like.

From March 16 to March 20, the playoffs portion of the DreamLeague Major 2019 will be played behind closed doors. Afterwards, there will be a two-day break, following which the remaining teams will advance to the main event where they will be playing in front of the live crowd at the Annexet Arena in Sweden.

Prize Pool

A total of $1 million in prize pool will be up for grabs at the DreamLeague Major 2019, as well as 15,000 DPC points.
Here is the current breakdown:

  • 1st – $350,000 + 4,950 DPC Points
  • 2nd – $170,000 + 3,000 DPC Points
  • 3rd – $100,000 + 2,100 DPC Points
  • 4th – $80,000 + 1,350 DPC Points
  • 5th-6th – $60,000 + 900 DPC Points
  • 7th-8th – $40,000 + 450 DPC Points
  • 9th-12th – $15,000 + 150 DPC Points
  • 13th-16th – $10,000 + 75 DPC Points

Twitch Streaming – Where to Find Games Live

For those interested in watching the tournament from home, you can watch The Stockholm Major 2019 online, for free, on Facebook at facebook.com/DreamHackDota and Twitch at twitch.tv/dreamleague, as well as in the Dota 2 client.

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