EPICENTER Major 2019 Betting Prediction: PSG.LGD vs OG

OG continue to do it at the EPICENTER Major 2019! After going 0-4 during the group stages, OG are now 3-0 in the playoffs. So far, they’ve beaten two of the biggest teams of the tournament in North America’s Evil Geniuses and Europen rivals, Team Secret.

Their series against the latter was especially noteworthy. This is mostly because, well, who would’ve thought? Team Secret are the best Dota 2 team in the world right now, and OG, despite being the reigning TI8 champions, were still trying to find their footing after spending much of the season looking like a shell of their former selves.

But, against all odds, OG swept Team Secret and booked themselves a rematch against a familiar foe in PSG.LGD in Day 1 of the main stage portion of the EPICENTER Major 2019. The match will take place on Friday, June 28. Read our betting prediction and analysis below.

PSG.LGD vs OG Betting Analysis

There’s this meme going around that says, “how can you expect opponents to prepare for you when you don’t even know what you’re going to do until you do it?”

Since their run at The International 2018, this meme has been used to capture OG’s playstyle that often comes so out of left field that teams are often left scratching their heads, not knowing what hit them.

Team Secret and Evil Geniuses were just some of the latest victims of an OG team that’s arguably in mid-season form.

Running lineup compositions with off-meta heroes like Slark, Shadow Demon and Clockwerk (vs Evil Geniuses), as well as Spirit Breaker, Slark, Invoker, Jakiro and Tiny (vs Team Secret), OG caught the more favoured teams by surprise and ran away with the win.

That puts the onus now on PSG.LGD to try and prepare for a team that other arguably better teams have absolutely no clue how to prepare for yet.

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Considering how Chinese Dota 2 teams have historically struggled against such volatile teams, the odds definiteý aren’t as in favour of PSG.LGD as most would like to believe. Sure, they did end up sweeping OG earlier in the tournament, but, with the way OG are playing right now, they might as well have been playing against a different team.

OG’s signature voice line spamming, out of meta picking, nonsensical yolo playstyle has been on full display so far throughout the playoffs and there’s no reason to believe that they’ll be performing any differently against PSG.LGD.

As such, we’re going all in on the power of flower, friendships, and rainbows, and put our trust in OG to pull off yet another upset.

PSG.LGD vs OG Betting Prediction

Betting tip / prediction: OG to win
Odds: 2.50
Bookmaker: Bet365

EPICENTER Major 2019 Betting Prediction - PSG.LGD vs OG

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