Megafon Winter Clash: Team Secret vs. PSG.LGD Betting Tips & Predictions

PSG.LGD triumphed over Virtus.Pro today, managing to best the Russian esports team with 22-2 score going their way in the second game, which saw things quickly wrapped up for the Chinese team. Now, they are about to face Team Secret and most probably head for the loser’s finals.

Team.Secret appear confident, winning closely against Na’Vi and conceding a defeat to Virtus Pro in a 3-game match. The game against Virtus.Pro was contested and the final score kill did indicate roughly the same numbers in all three games.

Alas, Team.Secret failed to bring home a victory out of this game and they stand at 1-1 in the overall leaderboard. Their opponents from PSG.LGD are equally-matched, but they drubbed Virtus.Pro today at 22-2 in the second game of a short-lived BO3 series.

We saw PSG.LGD come back from their game against Team.Liquid when they conceded 2 losses without the slightest opposition. And now, we are here to consider the chances of both teams winning.

PSG.LGD vs Team.Secret. The bookmakers clearly are favoring LGD here who have been experimenting with various new picks. From Doom to Spirit Breaker, Secret have been relentless in finding their way in this new patch, but unsuccessfully so far

A defeat to VP doesn’t smart so much as they will be able to come into the game against PSG.LGD more focused, but this doesn’t mean they will break through. During an interview between Game 1 and Game 2 Xu “fy” Linsen said that the team was putting a lot more thought in their picks and they had known they would win against Virtus.Pro as early as the draft stage.

If Team.Secret do continue to experiment with their picks, stacking heroes that are too dependent on particular playouts, they’ll most likely end up losing the game. We are inclined to back PSG.LGD here with the odds being 1.4 in their favour and 2.78 for Team.Secret.

PSG.LGD are prepared to play the three games they would need to make it to the very finals, stretch though it may be. Looking for a bet to place yourself? Go with PSG.LGD as an outright winner.

Betting tip / Prediction: PSG.LGD wins the match.
Odds: 1.40
Bookmaker: GG.BET

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