The Bucharest Minor Betting Prediction: Gambit vs. Keen Gaming

We incur our first loss of the tournament as Ninjas in Pyjamas seem to have found a winning formula in their series against OG. Unfortunately, they were not able to replicate their success against the reigning The International 2018 champions, succumbing to the superior teamplay and execution of Keen Gaming.

Tomorrow, Keen Gaming will look to try and advance even further as they square off against Gambit Esports once again, this time, with a Grand Finals berth on the line.

Gambit Esports’ upper bracket finals matchup against EHOME was a lot closer than the 2-0 series score indicates. A tit-for-tat affair, EHOME countered Gambit Esports’ mid-game aggression and rotations by sticking closely together as a team, and occasionally taking the fight to the CIS-based team. Even then, it was a close affair that could’ve gone either way had it not been for a few misplays on the side of Gambit Esports, especially in Game 1.

Hoping for opponents to make mistakes instead of putting them in positions where they’re likely to commit errors is not a recipe for consistent success. Judging from Keen Gaming’s tendency to play passively and wait for opponents to come, it’ll take a series of unfortunate events for them to win.

While Keen Gaming should put up a closer fight than before, we expect Gambit Esports to be the ones to advance to the Grand Finals tomorrow.

Betting tip / prediction: Gambit Esports to win.
Odds: 1.35
Bookmaker: ArcaneBet

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