The Bucharest Minor Betting Prediction: Gambit vs. OG

The Playoffs portion of the Bucharest Minor 2019 has finally started, and with that comes our first daily betting tip for the tournament.

All eight teams will be playing tomorrow, albeit four will be facing elimination. Majority of the games, save for two, are expected to be rather one sided. Of those two particularly close games, one of them, the matchup between Keen Gaming and EHOME, is not nearly as predictable due to it being a Chinese vs Chinese matchup.

Having said that, we’re inclined to go with the revenge match between OG and Gambit Esports.

A rematch of the WePlay! Dota 2 Winter Madness online tournament Grand Finals, where Gambit Esports made a statement by sweeping the reigning The International 2018 champions 3-0, we expect tomorrow’s matchup between these two teams to go the same way – with Gambit Esports getting the better of OG.

So far, Gambit Esports have looked like a solid Tier 2 team with a good understanding of the current meta who’s also capable of occasionally throwing in a niche pick or two and making it work. Given their recent form and the relatively little tape most teams will have on them, Gambit Esports, as stated earlier in our preview, should be the favourites to win the tournament and advance to the Chongqing Major.

Betting tip / prediction: Gambit Esports to win.
Odds: 1.60
Bookmaker: ArcaneBet

The Bucharest Minor Betting Prediction Gambit vs OG

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