iBUYPOWER Masters Betting Prediction: FaZe vs. Ghost

The last math on the first day of iBUYPOWER Masters 2019. FaZe clan is looking to make amends with their fans, as they replaced not only their coach but their former in-game leader as well. On the other hand, Ghost did not do anything when it comes to roster changes, they are a same old team that was on a verge of winning a couple of events in the later stage of 2018.

Map pool

Once we compared map pools for these two teams, we found a lot of similarities and differences. Firstly, FaZe is always permabanning Nuke, while Ghost permabans Overpass, and there is no way we are going to see any of these two maps played.

On to the better maps for these two teams. Mirage, Train, Dust 2 and Inferno are all maps FaZe is comfortable on. On the other hand, Ghost is comfortable on Train, Cache, and Mirage. So the map veto should be pretty straight forward in this one, but be careful since this is the first event in 2019, and who knows what will happen and how did the teams prepare.


Ghost is in a terrible form as of late. They lost three straight best-of-3 series and they were only able to win one map over the course of those three games. Furthermore, the level of competition was nowhere the same as it is going to be in this match.

FaZe did not play actively anywhere, as they wanted a break from the competitive scene, but I believe that they heavily prepared for this one and that AdreN is going to be a final piece in their puzzle.


In my personal opinion, FaZe is stronger in all three departments. Firstly, they have better individuals, all of their players are highly skilled and I do not think that Ghost’s players can cope with the level of skill FaZe has.

Ghost is in an awful form at the moment, and they are struggling against lowered tiered teams, this is another huge plus in this prediction. Lastly, their map pools are quite similar, and this could prove to be a huge advantage for FaZe as Ghost has nothing to surprise them with.

Betting tip / prediction: FaZe to win
Odds: 1.35
Bookmaker: GG.BET

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