League of Legends Betting Tips & Predictions

League of Legends is the world’s biggest esport, both regarding the number of professional players and teams and the number of spectators who tune in to watch the high-intensity pro matches. The ever-growing MOBA title has even surpassed some of the most popular traditional sports in terms of viewership: it might be hard to believe at first, but the 2019 League of Legends World Championship finals had three times the average number of spectators than last year’s NBA finals. The expectations for Worlds 2020 are even higher.

Our latest League of Legends Betting Predictions

The LoL betting market was scarce for a long time due to Riot’s opposition to gambling on esports, but has grown immensely over the past few years, cementing the place in what is now the holy trinity of the best titles to bet on with Dota 2 and CS:GO.

Let’s dive head first into what markets are available at the most popular lol betting sites:

What can you bet on?

The immense amount of different options (or “markets”) might feel overwhelming at first glance, so we’ll break down everything you need to know to jump-start your LoL betting career.

Common markets

  • Match Winner – this option is pretty clear. You’re betting on the overall winner of the matchup, be it a quick BO1 or a high-stakes BO5 series.
  • Map Winner – similar to the previous bet, but in this case, you would be betting on the winner of one particular map (a specific, single game) in a BO5 (or an occasional, extremely rare BO3) series.
  • Total Maps Played – the total number of maps played in a series. For example, if you think a BO5 match is likely to take four or more games to resolve, you could bet on “over 3.5” total maps.
  • Map Handicap – you’re betting on how convincing your team’s victory will be. If you are certain a team will be much stronger than their opponent on the day, you can bet that even a handicap wouldn’t be enough to hinder their victory. For example, a handicap of 1.5 means that your team will win the series by a difference of at least 2 games.
  • Outrights – you’re placing your money on the winner of the entire tournament. These odds are often very high for any team outside the two or three main favorites. Upsets sometimes happen! Check our League of Legends events calendar and look for upcoming outright betting markets.

Exotic markets (“Specials”)

These markets are numerous, and the offers tend to vary from one betting site to another. Most of these markets are not available everywhere, but the odds are usually very good, and can also vary wildly with different providers. Some of these options can be very lucrative to bet on and can put the better’s knowledge on a serious test, while others simply rely on pure luck.

  • First Blood (Tower, Dragon, Rift Herald, Baron…), Race to X Kills – this means you are predicting which team will hit the ground running and get the first objectives. It’s advisable to know the playstyle of the teams you’re betting on, as some underdogs may not be likely to win the game, but might be explosive enough to strike first and net you a delicious money boost.
  • Team A Kills, Team B Kills, Total Kills – a measure of how many kills teams will score. Again, make sure to know how aggressive teams can be, and these odds might be one of the easier ones to catch.
  • Player X Most Kills – think you know which player will shine the brightest? Then this might be a good option to place your wager on.
  • Kills Odd/Even, First Elemental Drake – these markets rely purely on luck, and the teams and their quality have no influence on them. It’s rarely advisable to bet on such markets, but if you’re feeling lucky, giving them a go might be fun.

How to be a smart LoL betting punter?

It’s important to know that in League of Legends, a BO1 series can nearly always go either way. A BO5 is usually much easier to predict if one team is clearly stronger than the other – to put it simply, it will be much more difficult for the underdog to win three games than just one. BO5 upsets are rare, but when they happen, they shake the entire LoL world (looking at you, Team Liquid)!

Different teams have different playstyles, and that’s what makes League so interesting to watch. Let’s take a very real example to prove this: If G2 Esports beats SKT T1 twice, and SKT beats Phong Vũ twice, surely G2 will have an easy job playing Phong Vũ then? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. The unrelenting Vietnamese squad took G2 down twice as well, due to their style being exactly what was needed to beat them.

Make sure to pay attention to matchup history between teams, and as you follow the game more and more, the all-famous betting instinct will come to you. League of Legends betting is all about knowledge and information, and the more games you watch and the more analysis you read, your gains are more likely to outweigh the occasional miss.