LoL Worlds 2019 – Date, Schedule & Prize Pool

Worlds 2019 is the biggest League of Legends event of the 2019 and also marks the end of the this year LoL’s competitive season. 24 teams will compete for the prestigious Summoner’s Cup and for a place in the esports history books. Some betting sites already set up the odds for the favorite teams to win the tournament.

Dates & Schedule

While the dates are not official confirmed, it was announced that the Summer Split events will be finished by early September, which means Worlds 2019 will most probably take place in October.

Location – Where is LoL Worlds 2019?

The event will take place in different cities in Europe, while the finals will be held in Paris, France.

How many people watched Worlds 2018?

Although there are sites which claim that there were 200 million people watching Worlds 2018 final, Riot official announcement stated that the finals had 99.6 million unique viewers and a concurrent viewer peak of 44 million.