LoL Worlds 2019 – Betting Odds & Teams Favorites to Win

24 LoL teams are competing for League of Legends most prestigious event of the year, Worlds 2019. The event is taking place in October-November in three stages across different cities of Europe (Berlin, Madrid and Paris). Let’s see who are the favorites according to the bookmakers and see the odds and implied probability for each team to win the tournament.

Winner Betting Odds for League of Legends Worlds 2019

Odds for Worlds 2019 Winner as of October 22. SK Telecom T1 becomes clear favourite with an implied probability of winning the tournament of ~56%. For changing the odds format, go to the bookmaker page by clicking on the logo.

Teams’ Implied Probability of Winning Lol Worlds 2019

Based on the odds average curated on October 22.

Betting Preview & Analysis – Who are the favourites to win Worlds 2019?

The Titans – G2, SKT, FPX

While there has probably never been more teams that can contend for the title, three teams rise above all others: Europe’s G2 Esports, Korea’s SK Telecom T1 and China’s FunPlus Phoenix.

The reigning MSI champions and back-to-back LEC champions G2 Esports are looking like an unstoppable force of nature. With five immensely talented players able to play anything humanly possible (and a few previously impossible things as well), G2 could very well stomp their opposition and be the first Western world champions in nearly a decade. Their occasional carelessness could lose them a few games, but their ceiling is likely the highest of all teams.

SKT are here to try and win their fourth Worlds title, and prove that the Korean overlords just took a short break from being the best at the game. Their captain Faker, widely recognised as the best player to ever touch the game, is back with a new roster, playing pacey, yet controlled League that was far ahead of even their strongest LCK opponents.

FunPlus Phoenix are a new name on the international scene who put an emphasis on teamwork and the mind of their genius mid laner Doinb. The young squad destroyed the Chinese league this summer, and has yet to run into a worthy opponent. Their inexperience might hinder them in their run, but their power is unquestionable.

The Dark Horses

Outside of the three juggernauts, a number of other teams definitely has a shot at taking the trophy home.

Perhaps the first of the bunch is Fnatic, Europe’s most storied team, who matched G2 toe-to-toe domestically and narrowly lost the title in two nail-biting BO5 losses. China’s perennial contenders RNG are up there as well, but the current meta is not looking bright for them – their superstar Uzi will be less likely to carry each game for them purely due to the current nature of the game.

Korea gave us two young teams alongside SKT this year, and both Damwon and Griffin should be incredibly tough to beat for any foe. Due to their BO5 prowess, though, Damwon might be slightly more likely to take it all.

The reigning world champions IG made their way to Worlds limping, and have a lot to fix in order to defend the title. Their poor form is not a good sign, but it shouldn’t be forgotten that at their peak they were nigh untouchable.