LoL MSI 2019 Betting Prediction: SK Telecom T1 vs Invictus

IG just straight up destroyed the triple world champions in their last match of LoL’s Mid-Season Invitational 2019, dancing around their nexus at minute sixteen in the shortest international game of all time. SKT will need to show that they’re no pushover in the very last game of groups, as a victory here could be just what it takes to get them to the all-important second place finish.

SKT have been slightly changing their playstyle to be more proactive in the early phases, but they are still the only team to give so much priority to scaling team compositions and execute them somewhat properly. Engaging in more 5v5 fights and making riskier moves in order to get higher rewards is unusual to see from them, but it could be helpful in at least going a bit more even against IG’s hectic split-second decision-making.

On the other hand, IG won’t really have much to play for in this game. The top spot is all but secured for the Chinese team, who are known for experimenting and playing to entertain in competitively irrelevant games. IG have had by far the highest kills on average in their games even when playing seriously, and the LPL has already seen what JackeyLove, TheShy and Rookie look like when they’re just having fun in the last domestic games of the regular season.

For this reason, an absolute bloodbath is almost certain to be seen here, while IG should still be expected to take the win home.

Betting Prediction 1: Invictus Gaming to win the match
Odds: 1.40
Bookmaker: Betway

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Betting Prediction 2: Total Kills Over 26.5
Odds: 1.88
Bookmaker: Arcanebet

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