LoL Worlds 2018 Finals: Fnatic vs Invictus – Betting Tips & Predictions

On November 3 at 8:30 CET, Fnatic (FNC) will fight Invictus Gaming (IG) for the title of the 2018 League of Legends World Championship.

Here’s our betting preview for this game:

During this year’s World Championship, the EU LCS Champions, Fnatic, have developed a plethora of play-styles that cover every aspect of the current meta of League of Legends. We have seen them play compositions prioritizing picks such as snowballing jungle champions like Camille, Lee Sin and Xin Zhao, late game scalers on the mid and bottom lanes with Kai’Sa, Syndra and Sivir and adapting picks like Viktor and Jayce on the top lane. With this skill set, Fnatic dropped only 2 games out of the 13 played thus far in the competition – one of them being against their current opponent IG during the group stage.

IG, on the other hand, coming to this tournament as second-runners from the LPL, have shown their vigor through their hard, but well-deserved victory against the Korean champions, KT, during the quarterfinals, as well as their demolishing clean sweep of 3 to 0 against the other European representative in the semi-finals, G2. And while IG’s champion pool is not as diverse as the one from the Fnatic’s side, their advantage, according to the opinion of the analysts, is their more consistent roster.

However, data from this tournament suggests that the current meta benefits diversity over quality. As such, Fnatic have slightly higher chances of winning this year’s League of Legends World Championship.

Betting tip / prediction: Fnatic wins the series with map handicap (+1.5)
Odds: 1.50
Bookmaker: Betway eSports

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