LoL Worlds 2018 Quarterfinals Betting Tips & Predictions

October 21 – Afreeca Freecs vs Cloud9

Afreeca Freecs are the last chance for Korea to be represented in the semi-finals. If they fail, this will be the first time since the Korean region joined the World Championship that we witness semi-final matches without a single Korean team.

And while Afreeca Freecs are far from the mind-boggling form that Koreans had shown in past tournaments, they still have the Korean experience of properly approaching Bo5 series. Cloud 9, from the other side, went further in the tournament than anyone expected. With surprising performance and agressive playstyle, they will try to follow G2’s steps and reach for that semi-finals themselves. However, with the high difference of quality players it is doubtful that they have what it takes to take down Afreeca Freecs.

Prediction: Afreeca Freecs is going to win the series with a final result 3-2
Odds: 3.70

October 21 – Fnatic vs EDG

With today’s knockout of the favorites of this tournament, RNG, Fnatic position themselves as the new favorites for the trophy. With two well established carries, Caps in the middle lane and Rekkles in the bottom lane, enhanced by their jungle, Broxah, who has shown outstanding plays on Lee Sin in the last games of the group stage, they’ve made huge promises for successfully proceeding to the semi-finals.

And while EDG are not a team that should be underestimated, their poor performance in the group stage, especially against Team Liquid, translates into low odds into beating the European machinery.

Prediction: Fnatic is going to win the Bo5 series
Odds: 1.50

October 20 – KT Rolster vs IG

KT Rolster came to this Championship as the first seed from Korea. Their play-style gravitates around systematic plays and securing objectives, especially pressure by destroying the turret rings and inhibitors.

While IG showed strength in the earlier games of the championship, they were outclassed by Fnatic in two consecutive games, which isn’t a good sign.

We will, without doubt, witness a clash of two great teams. Nevertheless, with the explosive style from the side of KT, the consistent domination of the first matches in Bo3 and Bo5 series and their systematic pressure all around the map, I predict KT Rolster will destroy the first inhibitor in the first game of the Bo5.

Prediction: First team to destroy first inhibitor in the first game – KT Rolster

October 20 – RNG vs G2

RNG went in this tournament as the favorites. However, they have thus far lost 2 games against teams that do not fall in the top tier category – Team Vitality and C9.

G2, on the other hand, came us underdogs, and thanks to their unorthodox picks, such as the Heimerdinger in the bottom lane, they have surprised their opponents and managed to qualify to the quarterfinals.

As RNG knows G2’s tactic, if they don’t underestimate G2’s potential picks and their unique play-style, I predict RNG will win the series with a final result of 3 – 1.

Prediction: RNG wins the series with 3 – 1