Pinnacle Esports Betting Review – Is It Worth to Sign-up?

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Pinnacle eSports is quite simply the premier eSports betting venue. No other bookmaker has forged ahead with such vehemence where professional video gaming is concerned. More than eyeing a profitable opportunity, Pinnacle has delivered the richest markets with multifarious wagering options. It’s both the most challenging and most rewarding bookmaker. Beyond its role as a purveyor of chance, the website is also an educator and a trailblazer, setting industry standards for integrity. Their complementary blog will clue you up on all the subtleties of plonking down wagers successfully. We have examined their offer to arrive at pretty satisfying results.

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Do They Offer Any Sign Up Bonus?

Calling itself the home of eSports betting is not an overstatement. Pinnacle operates in an industry where 95% of its competitors turn a loss out on their offer. This doesn’t stop the bookmaker from bringing you the hottest treats & goodies right to your doorstep. The variety of markets and gaming titles is sufficient reward in its own right.

Presently, the website doesn’t run a special welcome offer dedicated to eSports, but this is not to be rued for too long. Welcome bonuses are of course a neat way to propel yourself along the lines of eSports betting, but they also come with tedious and often pesky requirements known as the wagering provisos. This brings us the right to our next stop – the eSports section, which offers seamless navigation.

eSports Betting Coverage

Pinnacle offers a rich selection of titles. Of course, the behemoths of the industry can be teased out in a single glance, with League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and the age-old timeless classic StarCraft II well on display! But don’t let appearances deceive you. A single tap on MORE GAMES brings a drop-down menu, which will definitely whet your gaming appetite.

We would be remiss not to explore this in full. Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch are two of Blizzard’s instalments in the competitive scene, drawing inspiration from the company’s rich lore. The successful introduction of the Overwatch League has given teeth to Blizzard, and it’s likely to see more competitive titles added, including Call of Duty.

Meanwhile, a particular highlight to the commitment of Pinnacle is their throwback to Warcraft 3, memorable competitive titles of the days of yore. With King of Glory, the bookmaker clearly signals that it is open to experiment and add mobile titles just as well.

How Do the Odds Fare?

Odds are always a rather demanding thing to address. You can trust Pinnacle and wager on their odds. Conversely, you can nip out to neighbouring top bookies and compare odds there. The bookmaker hooks you up with a generous selection of variations and competitions. Our in-depth perusal revealed that all flagship CS: GO events have been covered, and Pinnacle did not pass up on any of the other major competitive pow-wows across the gaming titles available. The bookie also lets you pick from three main types of betting odds. You may presently pick from several options:

  • Moneylines – Pinnacle’s moneylines are quite easy to understand. Expressed as decimals, the value expresses how much you win for every $1 you wager. With this in mind,you may stake $1 at Astralis beating FaZe at odds 1.5 meaning that you will recuperate at total of $2.5 (stake+our win)
  • Handicaps (also called spreads)- Handicaps slightly alter the end results by substracting points from the strong team and adding to the final score of the underdog.Thus if Astralis manage a victory against FaZe with 3-2 and the spread is 1.5, Astralis have failed to win over FaZe with the necessary 1.5 advantage.
  • Totals – A total bet is a bet you take on whether the final score will be above or under a certain number (this could be won rounds, kills, and so forth).

From the non-endemic bookmakers, Pinnacle also offers the most running options and it goes into head-on competition with eSports-exclusive bookmakers. The odds seem to coincide well with those of the dedicated operators. If you are coming over from a bookie that is committed to eSports exclusively, you may spot at Pinnacle a way to bolster your overall profits by committing money on more lucrative wagers.

Pinnacle Sportsbook Mobile App

Pinnacle steps up its game by introducing tailor-made mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices, widening the appeal of an already brilliant portal. Both apps can be downloaded from their respective Google and Apple Store, available at a single tap! Brush aside any concerns that you may have that squinting at your smartphone’s screen would impede you from placing wagers at a good clip.

Nothing of the sort. The app allows you to browse odds at ease and set your own alerts which will keep you in the loop about the events and the outcome you are interested in. You may pick from placing a single belt or having multiple selections of wagers. Odds are visualised so that you may perceive fluctuations better. You can also add money to your account from your smartphone, and even more rewardingly, live action is also available with the in-play feature.

Withdrawal Methods and Policy

The fact that you don’t have to deal with wagering requirements facilitates matters a great deal. Gone are the time when you stoop over playthrough provisos in the hopes of getting it just right to squeeze the profit out. No more.

Pinnacle provides with you an overwhelming variety of options to cash out your money. They are all available under the payment section. You may pick from:

  • Country-specific goodies
  • Debit and credit cards
  • E-wallets
  • Pre-paid cards and others

The only real condition here is to cash out, using the same way you have deposited with.Still, the sportsbook will seek to confirm your identity before it can release any sums exceeding €2,300, but even if you are seeking to cash out smaller amounts, it’s still advisory to provide proof of identity.

The Highest Betting Limits Out There

You have quite a bit in the way of wriggle room insofar as high stakes go. The bookmaker offers some of the highest betting limits, which easily outstrip those of exchanges. If you are a high roller with an astute understanding of eSports odds, you may find this as an easy way to notch up a quick ROI. However, the additional money you can place can also spell a financial ruin if you have overplayed your hand. While high ceilings are great, you ought to play with caution. And remember never to chase your losses.

Wagering and Betting Limits

Pinnacle is an operator that stands out with the rich selection of markets, streamlined odds, and fair incentives. The potential monetary gain is quite salivating to professional and amateur alike, and the website easily sets the tone for the competition. However how many eSports bookies out there are capable of providing the same sterling quality of service as does Pinnacle? Perhaps not to many, but from the summits of the eSpots betting world, Pinnacle only surveys future opportunities.