Rivalry Esports Review & Bonus: 100% up to $100

With eSports wagering in the limelight, Rivalry GG’s time has come. Founded as an eSports-exclusive bookmaker, the platform transfers a number of traditional features of sports wagering onto their digital confreres. With a great selection of available betting titles, the website is definitely one of your go-to bookies. Not only that, but there’s a thing or two to learn, courtesy of the Rivalry.GG Academy, which will verse you in the art of betting. And if you think something fishy is afoot, remind yourself that Rivalry is indeed a member of the Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC).

Rivalry Welcome Bonus 2020: Get 100% up to $100 on first deposit

Rivalry has recently introduced its own take of a welcome bonus, designed to appeal to the competitive nature of gamers. Instead of offering you a lump sum and having you bother with no-one’s favorite bonus requirements.

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eSports Coverage

Rivalry stands out from any other endemic bookie by playing the long-game. With quite the brilliant selection of titles, including the Call of Duty franchise, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and League of Legends among others, you have quite a few titles to pick from! But that hardly sums it up! Not only can you wager on games you prefer and understand, but you can also do so ahead of time. The portal provides you with a neat list of upcoming matches categorised by date.

Beyond that, the bookie has assumed a rather straightforward approach to dealing with odds and markets! To the uninitiated, we refer to the type of bets you may place as markets. No reason to be befuddled when you see that term flying around. With this in mind, Rivalry.GG focuses on three types of markets, including:

  • Match winner – Successfully calling the outcome of a particular skirmish between teams
  • Tournament winner – Calling the outcome of an entire tournament. Guarantees better yields the earlier you stake your money
  • Live betting – Wagering while the game is still in progress. May alter your wagers and cash out earlier

Live betting merits further explanation. Because gamers tend to spend hours tuned in to Twitch, bookmakers, including Rivalry.GG have been quick to bank on the idea. Besides, with eSports betting it hardly feels like betting. Most gamers feel like they are adding a layer of excitement to an already beloved pastime.

Connecting to the Facilities

Rivalry.GG is quite the social champion. The bookmaker has understood that interconnectivity is the key to a homogenous community and it has revved up its use of social channel. In fact, you can just as easily login using one of your social media accounts. A great facilitator of interaction, Rivalry.GG truly stands out from the crowd of bookmakers.

Rivalry Academy

We would be remiss not to mention the Academy. This brilliant iteration of a learning hut is one of the best eSports betting teaching communities! The academy is a series of guides designed to help those new to (eSports) betting get a firm foothold in it. You have immensely helpful information there, including what odds are, and an invitation to snap up a quick free bet from the bookmaker itself!

Types of eSports bets and a look behind the curtains (how Rivalry.GG and competitors turn a profit) are also on the list of details and you can peruse those guides at your own leisure!

Deposits and Withdrawals

Rivalry.GG strikes the likes of other mainstays of gaming, such as Discord, a popular gaming communication platform. With soft thuds! accompanying your browsing of the webpage, you can head right to the deposit page. And here, you may select from a respectable number of depositing methods, including:

  • Skrill – If you want to avoid sharing too much banking information
  • Paysafecard – To completely eliminate the need of punching in your data online
  • Rapid – An offshoot from Skrill and sharing many of its functionalities
  • Sofort Banking – A European payment method available in 8 countries

When it comes to withdrawals, you may need to wait slightly longer for a transaction to clear out of your account, but not too long in any eventuality. Usually, it takes between 2 and 5 business days. Rivalry.GG doesn’t seem to allow you to withdraw all your earnings in one go if you so desire. Conversely, you will need to provide identity proof and address. The documents may use are quite common, including identity card, passport, and driving license.

Customer Support and Contact Information

If there is one thing that relieves the tense better, that is a constant channel of communication with the customer care agents. Rivalry.GG understands that dialogue is paramount for building a solid reputation, and it acts on it. You may reach out to the suave customer care support at any point of the day and enjoy yourself the full monty of options! Chat Rivalry.GG through the live chat or drop them a call. If you want to take some time and consider the issue at hand, you may opt for an e-mail.