Unikrn Review & Offers – Get $60 Bonus Cash on 1st Deposit

Unikrn is an innovative sure-footedness sportsbook that has recently obtained a license from the Isle of Man. The platform is available on the entire territory of the United States, Europe, and around the world, with the company accepting wagers on over 17 games and over 250 markets around the clock. Unikrn has a number of promotions available to customers of all budgets.

List of Unikrn’s sportsboook bonuses

All Unikrn promotions & offers are immediately available under the “Promotions” tab. Presently, Unikrn comes with three distinct deposit bonuses, including a Cash First Deposit Bonus Offer which comes in three different instalments, and the UKG First Deposit Bonus Offer.

Each promotion has its upsides. If you are more familiar with cryptocurrencies, you might want to opt for UKG, short for UnikrnGold, a unique cryptocurrency created for the specific purposes of betting. The advantages of using UKG are many:

  • Quicker deposits & withdrawals
  • Fewer security checks necessary
  • Much more comfortable than FIAT

Cash / FIAT Bonuses

Both the real cash and UKG bonus offer roughly the same privileges. The Cash First Deposit comes with three individual deposits, which will help you brush up on your bankroll in the short and long-term. You get to benefit from:

  • Lit 300% – Deposit €/$20 start with $80 = $60 Bonus Cash (Min Deposit $10. Max Deposit $20)
  • Huge 100% Match – Juicy 200% Deposit €/$50 start with $150 = $100 Bonus Cash (Min Deposit $10. Max Deposit $50)
  • VIP 50% Match – VIP 100%: Deposit €/$250 start with $500 = $250 Bonus Cash (Min Deposit $10. Max Deposit $250)

Get your Unikrn bonus in CASH

The FIAT currency bonuses are easy to track. Some players would much rather give the UKG promo a shot. Once again the promotion is a three-instalment bonus:

UKG (cryptocurrency) Bonuses

  • Huge 200% Match – Deposit 2000 UKG, get 4000 bonus and get going with 6000 UKG
  • Elite 133.7% Match – Deposit 5000 UKGC, receive 6685 as bonus and start with a total of 11685 UKG
  • VIP 50% Match – Deposit 15000 UKG and get 7500 in bonus funds for a total of 22500 UKG

Get your Unikrn bonus in UKG

It helps to check the day price of UKG online. As of the time of the review, UKG was worth $0.0264234408. The good news is that UKG is a fairly stable currency, meaning you won’t have to fear abrupt currency fluctuations as with Bitcoin, for example.

UMode Offers

Visit Unikrn UMode

UMode is Unikrn’s proprietor platform that allows you to bet on yourself. We will talk about this in a moment, but let’s first check up some of the outstanding offers that the platform offers. The top offer right now is to play 9 UMode games in which you bet on yourself and get your tenth bet for free.

The free bet is calculated on your average bet across the 9 previous games. In other words, if you place $10 on each of your 9 bets, then the 10th bet will be worth another $10. You can’t have a bonus bet that exceeds $50/2000UKG.

Unikrn Sportsbook vs. UMode

Understanding the difference between the sportsbook and UMode would only take you a moment. When you are dealing with the sportsbook, you are betting on the outcome of events. These events are in control of someone else – i.e. the players and teams you are betting on.

With UMode, you are the one in control. All wagers you place are on yourself. Thanks to Connekt, a platform that gauges your gameplay and statistics, Unikrn can make educated guesses about game, giving you a chance to outdo yourself. As Unikrn themselves say – “Don’t just win. Earn!”.

Presently, you can bet on three markets via UMode, including League of Legends, Dota 2, and Fortnite, but CEO Rahul Sood has said that the platform will expand its offer to every title listed there.

Security-wise, the platform is said to be proofed against fraud. Unikrn claim that they would know if someone else is playing for you or “smurfing”. This means that Unikrn will always able to tell what your skill is based on detailed data the Connekt platform extracts directly from the game.

Esports Market Offered

Unikrn offers 17 games you can bet on. Every major competitive video gaming experience is covered by Unikrn, including all the main titles, such as:

  • Counter-Strike
  • League of Legends
  • Dota 2
  • Fortnite
  • Call of Duty
  • FIFA
  • Hearthstone

There are many other possible markets and titles to bet on, including Rainbow6, PUBG, Overwatch, Rocket League, Warcraft III, Street Fighter V and more. Each game comes with a number of sub-markets, such as “match winners,” “tournament winners,” “most points” and so forth.

Unikrn is possibly the platform that offers the best variety of games and markets both in the world and in the United States in particular.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Unikrn works with a select few depositing and withdrawing options which guarantee you both comfort and safety. Since Unikrn is a fully licensed operator, you can rely on VISA, MasterCard, Skrill, and Neteller to conduct your payments into and out of the platform.

Customer Support

Unikrn allows users to contact them via e-mail and Live Chat. The service works from Monday through Friday. If you want to be proactive and solve issues yourself, you can hop over to the Help Center or head to the Discord Community to seek the advice of your fellow gamers and fellow bettors.

Unikrn has a reputation for a highly-responsive sportsbook and one that puts the well-being of customers above all else. In composing this review, we found no evidence to suggest that Unikrn has hurt customers in any way.


Unikrn is a unique and innovative esports book. The company has managed to pioneer technologies that will define esports betting for years ahead. Other sportsbooks will most likely try to catch up but betting on one’s own skill is a concept that the would struggle to replicate successfully. Interested in the best esports betting options on the market today? Try Unikrn today and enjoy yourself whether you bet on YOU or an esports event.